My favorite moments from Mists of Pandaria

Warlords comes out tomorrow, so I guess it's time for a blog roundup of my favorite moments from Mists!

From a blogging perspective, Mists was a bit of a change from previous years. I simply wasn't as interested in the game lore, so I definitely wrote less speculation and lore-centric stuff this expansion. I was still heavily interested in Garrosh and the Klaxxi, but other than them, there wasn't much that really hooked and kept me intrigued for long. I found the Pandaren quite one-dimensional - the rare times one of them showed a more serious, harder side, it was usually because of Sha corruption, and therefore not "real". Taran Zhu (though a windbag) and Taoshi were notable exceptions, but other than them, I feel that almost all of the other Pandaren can be painted in broad, generic strokes in terms of personality and demeanor.

On the other hand, maining Fabulor for an entire expansion (something I didn't really expect to ever do) opened some new blogging floodgates, with his various RP posts, his RP walking shenanigans, and other hilarity. Even without considering actual raiding and gameplay, being Fabulor during Mists was an incredibly fun experience, which is why for the first time ever I'm actually going to play the same main two expansions in a row. (Wrath was Rades [Hunter] and Mardak [Druid], Cataclysm was Morgion [Death Knight])

Of course, this was no direct fault of Mists specifically, but I also took my first break from WoW this year, my first break since I starting playing back in Burning Crusade. Do I think all of my issues have been addressed? Well, I really don't know, I never really follow Beta info that intently. But I know that SOME of them have been, and I know Blizzard is aware of the complaints the community has been voicing. And the representation in Overwatch, their new IP announced at Blizzcon last week, was a VAST improvement over their previous titles. Not perfect...but getting better. So let's say, cautiously optimistic?

But enough rambling. Here's my favorite moments from Mists. Not favorite lore moments, not favorite news moments - MY favorite moments, the ones that *I* will look back on a year from now and remember fondly.

* * * * *

TTGF really came into its own this expansion as a guild full of idiots who die in hilarious and terrible ways, but still gets shit done. This was the first expansion that I've been part of a guild who killed the last boss in every raid tier well before the next raid tier released.

Fabulor: Cloud Serpent, My Friend (and Part 2)
Like most of Fabulor's antics, this story was outrageous, but based in truth. I really DID sell the cloud serpent...but changed my mind in the end. After all, it was only gold.

TTGFers don't trust healers anymore. It's possible this is why.

TTGF: Lei Shen
I still shake my head at this, and I know that some other raid leaders cannot watch this as it makes them too angry. This was our FIRST Lei Shen kill, we didn't have him on farm, we had ZERO EXCUSE to be this relaxed. But, somehow, against all odds, it worked.

Fabulor: RP walking to a Legendary Healing Cloak
At some point in Mists I started getting the idea that Fabulor should just RP walk through everything, like he used to do way back in the Hellfire Ramparts days. After all, he's Fabulor. My first test? One-shotting the Legendary Healing Cloak scenario. Sold.

Transmog: The Prettiest Plate Dress
Of all the mogs Fabulor has had, I think this remains my favorite. That PVP chestpiece is still completely amazing.

Fabulor: Proving Grounds Silver Tank as a Holy Paladin
Why stop at just RP walking? Fab was already Holy Pally tanking heroic dungeons, how hard could this be? (Spoiler: it was actually really hard. One of the most difficult things I did all expansion.)

Fiction: Harvest Festival
This list wouldn't be right without at least one bit of Garrosh fiction.

Transmog: Fabulor Gets Judgemental (and the follow-up post)
Everyone knows I hate Judgement armor. But did you know how much I hate it?

Satire: Malfurion Stormrage no longer archdruid, now known as “Superb Owl”
Even though he wasn't involved in Mists at all, there's never a bad time to make fun of Owlfurion. (Wait, he was in the novel War Crimes and was a complete jackass, does that count?)

Fabulor: RP walking to Brawler's Guild Rank 8 (and Tyson Sanders and Ahoo'ru)
This may be my favorite non-guild accomplishment of all time. It's not even that it was the most challenging thing to do (though some fights WERE quite difficult, especially Tyson Sanders and Ahoo'ru, and especially because Ret is my off-spec),'s just so Fabulor. The walking. The flexing. The completely bewildered reactions by other Brawlers watching. If ever there was something that truly epitomizes Fabulor's personality and attitude, it's this.

TTGF: World First Roof Dark Shamans
At the time, other guilds were pushing through Heroic modes, working towards Garrosh. TTGF? We'll take a ludicrous, hilarious "progression" kill any day of the week.

Satire: New Alliance "doesn't care" about Diversity, says Grand Marshal Garithos
Possibly the most scathing satirical piece I've ever written. Still absolutely feel it was justified, though.

Lore: Times Change: Garrosh & the Warlords cinematic
Every Garrosh post on OAK, someone comments that I'm almost certainly overthinking things, that there's no way Blizzard really does have all these plans for Garrosh that I speculate about. They're right, of course. But that doesn't make these Garry lore posts any less enjoyable to me.

It was three days before the end of Mists, 427 days after Siege of Orgrimmar launched, and finally, FINALLY, TTGFer Lodur got his Dark Shaman transmog. And we all screamed and yelled on Mumble and shared in his joy. I think it was the perfect celebratory moment to end the expansion on.

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    Yes, Lodur getting his Tmog set was awesome! It made me to happy to hear the absolute joy in his voice.

    Then having him go on about it for the rest of the raid was just downright hilarious.

    November 12, 2014 at 12:32 PM

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    Lei Shen kill video is not available in my country apparantly.

    November 18, 2014 at 10:27 AM

  3. gravatar

    Having fun is an important part of any game - and sometimes being silly as hell is the easiest way to have fun.

    Maybe someday Fabulor can convince the whole raid group to RP walk an entire instance.

    November 21, 2014 at 10:41 AM

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    A very belated welcome back, Rades! I've missed your blog. Loved the look back, especially the Garrosh posts and that Malfurion one (I have no love for Antlers McBeardyface whatsoever). If I ever come across you in an instance, I'd be right there RP walking with you!

    December 17, 2014 at 7:35 PM