TTGF: World First Roof Dark Shamans

At the beginning of the month, TTGF discovered you can pull Dark Shamans while standing on top of the Orgrimmar Auction House roof.

It was pretty awesome - the shamans and their wolves would instantly teleport up there, murdering whoever drew their ire. WoW Insider even wrote about it.

Well, ever since then, TTGF has had a new goal: kill Dark Shamans on the roof. It's so dumb - there's no achievement for it, it doesn't make the fight easier (on the contrary, it makes it WAY harder), and we wiped on this farm boss for like 3 weeks trying to make it happen (we spent a single night on this each week).

So why did we do it? Because it's funny. Because it's so stupid and weird. Because we're TTGF, really. As Rhidach put it, we are a group that is known for being cuckoo bananas.

And you know what? It was actually a lot of fun. We had to approach this familiar fight in a completely new way. Toxic tornadoes isn't usually a big deal, until you're stuck on a 10-yard-wide roof with nowhere to run. It was different, and it was engaging, trying different strats, different group compositions, different rooftops.

Week after week, we made slow, steady progress. First to 50%. Then to 30%. Then some agonizing 10% wipes. Until finally, on Monday, we got them, using the Auction House roof, the circular hut next to it (coined by us as the "Mushroom Hut"), and the Bank roof.

World first Roof Dark Shamans, aw yeah.

Someone asked if we were worried we'd get in trouble for exploiting. I laughed. This was like the opposite of an exploit! Every single thing about the fight was harder and more difficult to deal with. Less room to dodge, less room to kite Foul Slimes, less room to drop Ashen Walls, you name it, it was twice as awful.

But despite all that, we loved it, because we were getting a little bored with Siege. Heroic modes, eh. Farming Garrosh for heirlooms, eh. But this? Something absurd that no other guild is doing? Sure, let's go!

So remember, if you're getting bored in-game, there's almost always something entertaining you can do. Sometimes you just have to make up the fun yourselves, that's all.

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    Oh, I'd say that's quite the exploit indeed -- in the Tall Tale sense of the word, not the abuse of a loophole sense of the word. Well-done, TTGF! :D

    April 30, 2014 at 9:55 AM

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    This is just beautiful ^_^ Considering some of the headaches and angst I see going towards Heroic Dark Shamans with their "haha we're going to align ALL THE THINGS with falling ash!" that takes a lot of willpower to be willing to increase the difficulty further, but when it's something so silly and goofy and on your own terms, I suppose that impacts the mentality as you approach the fight :)

    April 30, 2014 at 11:21 AM

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    Dude, I bet it was clean as fuck too.

    July 22, 2014 at 11:36 PM