Boorish ogre stabbed 126 times after telling Garona he'd like to see her naked

Guests and dignitaries at Azeroth's first global peace talks were utterly shocked when the emissary from the ogre clans began spewing lewd comments at Garona Halforcen, renowned and respected warrior-assassin.

During the stunned silence that fell over the crowd following his initial remarks, the ogre -- crude and classless even as far as ogres go -- winked at Garona and suggested they should go out sometime.

"I can get a little grabby," leered the disgusting ogre before being interrupted by the deadly assassin, and by interrupted we mean brutally and mercilessly vivisected.

Following the incident, everyone retook their seats and had a wonderful time. A custodian was called to collect and deposit the ogre's remains in the trash, where it belonged.

"I'm really not sure why they picked him to represent them," said Anduin Wrynn afterward, cringing. "I mean, their entire reputation to the rest of the world was riding on his shoulders, and he made a total ass out of himself with his shameful, gross behavior. It's going to be really hard for everyone else to take them seriously now."

Wrynn sighed. "It really was a fantastic evening, too. It's such a shame that idiot had to ruin such an important night with his big stupid mouth."

"Maybe next time they'll pick someone who isn't a total disgrace."

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    Wow, I had no idea about this. I was vaguely aware that something happened on a Blizzard/WoW stream, but I wasn't sure what it was until I read that linked tweet. Ugh. I like(d) him, too..

    June 23, 2016 at 1:04 AM