Archmage Khadgar muted by new Dalaran Silence Penalty

After Dalaran's Council of Six implemented its new Arcane Silence Penalty city-wide enchantment yesterday, it took only mere hours before the powerful spell muted their first person: Khadgar.

The archmage was clearly upset, gesticulating wildly at nearby citizens, but the spell's silencing effects prevented him from being able to verbally explain his frustration. He did, however, hold up a copy of the letter he had received from the Postmaster for curious passerby to read.

"Dear Khadgar, your fellow heroes have reported you for abusive language multiple times. Due to these reports, we have had a Shadow Priest silence you for 24 hours and deleted your premade group post "Please, We Need to Stop the Legion" in the Dungeons & Raids Finder. If you want to appeal our decision, please submit a ticket."

"This clearly be some sort of bureaucratic mistake, mon," said a troll rogue volunteering to translate for the beleaguered archmage, who was still able to privately whisper people. "When the Council agreed to cast the spell across the entire city -- thanks for that, Rhonin -- I was told it wouldn't be no automatic process. Clearly someting's gone wrong. Buff Outlaw Rogues!!"

Fellow Council of Six member Archmage Modera seemed equally baffled by the incident. "Yo, there's still an investigation when you get reported," said Modera. "The new silence penalty doesn't mean some multi-reporter can insta-silence you." When asked how Khadgar had ended up silenced, Modera frowned and said the Council would be "looking into it."

Despite Khadgar's experience, others seem to have nothing but positive things to say about the new Dalaran feature.

"Me and my 39 demonic friends think the new silence penalty is just great," grinned Gul'dan, Darkness Incarnate, Destroyer of Dreams, the Great Betrayer. "Like, sure, let's say hypothetically someone were to gather a bunch of people and then all report someone they don't sure would be awful and easy to abuse if their spell automatically silenced that person without checking or verifying the reports! Ehh heh he he hee...but who would do a thing like that. Drink."