Stormwind City destroyed after Horde stops saving it

The capital city of the Alliance has been destroyed by Warlord Zaela of the Iron Horde after a small group of Horde adventurers elected not to stop her.

"Have you come to get a first row seat for Stormwind's destruction?" taunted Zaela from atop her dragon after being confronted in her lair deep within Upper Blackrock Spire.

After conferring for a few seconds with his companions, Genshi, an orc rogue, stepped forward and shrugged.

"Actually, that sounds pretty good with us," he said. Behind him, the other four Horde adventurers nodded and gave Zaela big thumbs-up signs.

"Good, I have been waiting for -- sorry, what?" said Zaela, blinking in surprise. "Um, well, okay then. In that case....uh, off I go!"

"I'm really not sure what she was expecting," said Carianna, a blood elf paladin, as the Alliance capital city went up in flames far off in the distance.

"Granted, we did save their city once already from the Botani and that big genesaur," she added ruefully while sticking a handful of Conjured Mana Marshmallows on skewers. "But like, there was a real lot going on right then, and that mage lady was being really loud and wouldn't stop shouting, plus I think Saurfang was giving us like 50 gold to stop it.

"But this time? Hey, have at it, lady."

The extent of the destruction has not yet been fully determined, but survivors were able to confirm that when Zaela began the attack by dropping a massive Iron Star into the city, it landed directly on top of the newly-restored Park, utterly demolishing it.