World-first RP walking Rank 10 Brawler?

With the first "season" of Brawler's Guild going away tomorrow with patch 6.0.2, this weekend was my last chance to finish up Brawler's Guild and attain Rank 10, the highest rank and the one that would allow purchase of the awesome mount. While RP walking, of course.

After taking down Tyson Sanders back in April, I only had a few fights left: T440 Dual-Mode Robot, Anthracite, Big Badda Boom, Nibbleh, Doctor FIST and Ahoo'ru.

Like Hexos, Nibbleh was as typically difficult as it is for everyone...but not any MORE difficult for an RP walker, since your walking speed was irrelevant in both these fights! I couldn't help but laugh. A fight where you don't move at all? A fight where you only RP walk backwards? THIS IS MY JAM.

Doctor FIST was a pushover and he got one-shot. But Ahoo'ru...I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to beat Ahoo'ru.

For those who don't know Ahoo'ru, here's the rundown.
- He bubbles in the center of the arena, an invincible shield with 3 stacks.
- He summons sparks of light which wander around, doing high damage to you if they hit you.
- He'll randomly empower a sparks; if touched, it turns into an Avenging Angel mob.
- When an Angel reaches 50% HP, it slowly casts a charge, then (quickly) charges your location.
- An Angel explodes at the end of its charge, instantly killing you if it hits you.
- But if the charge hits Ahoo'ru, it removes one of his shields.

So the idea is, avoid getting hit by the sparks, touch the empowered sparks & spawn the angels, DPS down the Angels, lure them into charging Ahoo'ru to break his shield. Do this three times, then DPS down Ahoo'ru himself.

Sounds pretty easy. Well, except for the fact where I had to dodge the sparks of light while RP walking. And CATCH the empowered sparks while RP walking. And avoid the instantly-fatal Angel charges while RP walking. Oh and do this three times AND still kill Ahoo'ru before dying to the enrage.

It took me a lot of tries (I think 4 strength flasks' worth?), including multiple "I killed you but died to the enrage at the same time and it DIDN'T COUNT" frustrations, but EVENTUALLY he went down. I fully admit I got lucky, getting two empowered sparks at the same time, but even that was tricky, as I had to DPS both Angels down to 50% at roughly the same time so they'd both charge simultaneously.

Fabulor is now a Rank 10 Brawler, and did the entire thing fully RP walking. (In his offspec.) Quite possibly my proudest achievement all expansion. Most of the fights weren't exceptionally difficult, but the ones reliant on mobility - Dark Summoner, Tyson Sanders, Ahoo'ru - were SUPER challenging and really made me think hard about my toolkit. And really, entertainment factor aside, THAT'S why I was doing this. You want to master chess? Challenge yourself to win without your rook and knight. That's how you hone your skills.

Is this a world-first? Is Fabulor the only character arrogant or stupid enough to do this? I can't be certain, but I can honestly say I haven't heard of anyone else doing this.

And even if Fab's not the only one, that's okay. It's a pretty good exclusive club to be a part of.

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    Bravo, Fabulor!

    October 13, 2014 at 6:03 PM

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    K. White

    That fight looked nasty. Managed to get to rank 5 (and the Clock 'Em pet) today at least. That's good enough for me.

    October 13, 2014 at 7:06 PM