Minipost: Brawler's Guild nemesis Tyson Sanders

A few weeks ago I wrote about getting to Rank 8 in Brawler's Guild, all while RP walking. Well, soon after that I ran into my first real challenge: Tyson Sanders.

Now, obviously Hexos was a pain in the ass, but he's that way for everyone. Tyson Sanders though...he was the first fight which legitimately gave me a super rough time because I was RP walking.

If you haven't done the fight, here's what he does.

- Runs around randomly and wildly all over the place
- Summons Explosive Chickens that walk toward you and explode with Feathery Detonation (which is a TON of damage)
- Summons Electrochickens that keep casting Electric P.E.C.K., which does damage and knocks you back
- Summons Well Fed Chickens that chase and melee you

Normally, it's not that hard a fight - chase Sanders around, avoid the Explosive Chickens or kill them before they reach you, and avoid the Electric P.E.C.K. knockbacks. But it's considerably harder when you can only walk around. I died over and over again as the Explosive Chickens caught me, and the Electric P.E.C.K. knockbacks kept me from catching up to Sanders. Honestly, I wondered if this was as far as I'd get.

But after some thinking, I did successfully defeat him...but I really had to tinker with my talents and glyphs to win. This was my setup:

Fist of Justice and Glyph of Blinding Light to keep him in melee range for as long as possible, whenever I got near.

Glyph of Burden of Guilt to slow him so I could maybe, MAYBE catch up to him.

And Sanctified Wrath and Glyph of Harsh Words, since I knew I'd be out of melee range for most of the fight, and I'd need all the ranged DPS I could get.

As it is, I barely beat him. I got extremely lucky with a few Electric P.E.C.K.s bouncing me away from an incoming Explosive Chicken, and I beat Sanders when I was at 5% health.

Without question, that's been my toughest RP Walk Brawler's Guild fight so far. But it just goes to show how valuable some strategic talent/glyph planning can be!

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    After this, Fabulor will need to RP walk all the raids ever. Actually, a RP walking raid team would be AWESOME.

    April 7, 2014 at 2:05 PM