Minipost: RP walking to Brawler's Guild Rank 8

Last year I wrote about how Fabulor did the first few fights in Brawler's Guild while RP walking.

Well, this weekend Fabulor finally returned to the arena to pick up where he left off. I wasn't sure how well it'd go, but I wanted to make it as far as possible for laughs and curiosity. I expected trouble from Ixx, the kunchong with a huge frontal cleave. And of course I'd seen countless people struggling with the likes of GG Engineering or Dark Summoner.

The results?

RANK 8 BRAWLER, baby. All while RP walking.

And not JUST RP walking. After the first few fights, Fabulor starting doing what he does best.

Showing off.

It's funny but there actually IS strategy while RP walking for things like Ixx's cleave. If you stand really close - I'm talking uncomfortably close - you can just take a few walking steps through and out of the cleave radius. The closer to the center of their hit box, the easier it is to avoid the cleave. I learned this while fighting Mogu rares, who have a similar cleave attack.

Anyway, this cocky run to Rank 8 included, unbelievably, a one-shot of GG Engineering, something I'm still in shock over.

After attaining Rank 8, I gave the infamous Hexos some goes and beat it, but it wasn't really RP walked since you're frozen in place and can't move anyway. (Still, if you've never seen it, it's a pretty amazing fight) After that, I tried the guy who throws chickens for a while, but couldn't get him. That one is going to be really tough, since I can't chase him down as he flees, OR run away from the exploding chickens.

I did get him to 5% though, so I'll beat him eventually. Which means I still haven't hit the "impossible to do while RP walking" wall yet!

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    Well, now I'm grouchy. When I went to beat up hexos I'd kill him and this his body kept falling into his purple lines which killed me. The announcer would yell about me beating it, but since I came out a corpse I didn't get the credit. I had to beat him 9 times before I was able to get an iceblock off at around 1% to let fizzy and nether tempest finish him off before I got to move on.

    I like the fight though, I'll probably buy his card sometimes to do it again.

    March 10, 2014 at 1:03 PM