Minipost: The soul of the Horde

Fabulor finished up the final stages of his 5.1 Legendary quests for Wrathion a while back, handing over to the Black Prince proof of 6000 Valor Points accumulated, a dead dwarf general who was a real asshole, and the all-important two (2) battleground wins.

What followed was a pretty cool little in-game scene where Wrathion spoke of the Horde, of Garrosh and the other leaders, and of course, Fabulor. Along with delivering the great line as pictured in this month's header banner, above.

I hung out in Wrathion's tavern for a good half hour taking screenshots, abandoning and accepting the quest over and over again. When it's a special scene like this that is essentially gone forever once the quest is handed in, I'm always extra careful to take every possible shot imaginable that I might want in the future. And this scene was particularly cool in that all the Horde leaders show up in it, all nicely lined up in a row, something that never happens.

I figured I might as well also video cap it for players who play Alliance or who won't be able to see it for themselves. Wrathion's pretty flattering, but I have a sneaking suspicion he says those sugary words to all the heroes walking through his door, blue or red.

You'll probably want to view on Youtube itself so you can view/read what Wrathion is saying in a larger window.

(Obviously, some 5.1 spoilers. But whatever, 5.2 is almost out so I think the 5.1 spoiler alert period has passed.)


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    "and then all my clothes fell off" - fabulor

    February 13, 2013 at 12:08 AM