Icecrown Citadel attempt #2

Seconds after logging in yesterday a good friend asked if I wanted to come druid-heal Icecrown Citadel 25-man (!). I said sure and we headed in, and proceeding to cleanly and smoothly take out all the trash leading up to Marrowgar. The group was well-geared, everyone was doing their thing, DPS was great, things were looking good! However, Lord Marrowgar demolished us. Once again, our bane was the bone spikes and people not getting freed from them soon enough. I didn't even realize that on 25-man he impales three people, something which makes it a lot rougher...though I suppose there's at least 3x as much DPS as well, so maybe it shouldn't be. In any case after the wipe some people dropped (seriously wtf) and we disbanded. Oh well, still got some more Ashen Verdict rep - halfway to Friendly now.

I also decided to respec Mardak slightly and pick up Celestial Focus for the haste bonus. That, combined with my shiny new Ephemeral Snowflake and Nevermelting Ice Crystal trinkets and I'm pretty content at where my healing gear is. The Snowflake is super nice for mana regen, and as for the Ice Crystal, I discovered after a little testing that the on-use Crit bonus it gives isn't used up by HoT crits, so I can use it and receive massive Rejuvenation crits for a short time. Very nice.