Marrowgar down!

Nice raid day! First pugged into Obsidian Sanctum as Mardak to do the weekly raid, but we decided to go for the extra challenge and get Less Is More (25 player). Since I had never done OS as Mardak, also picked up the Besting the Black Dragonflight (25) achievement as well.

After that, got an invite to Icecrown Citadel, which was intimidating. A quick check on boss strats while I was loading in and we leaped into the fray...and I died within a minute when I got bone spiked. OT died a few moments later, followed by wipe, ouch, and panic?! Was I supposed to do something different? Turns out I hadn't done anything wrong, the DPS just didn't kill the spike fast enough. I also learned for the next time to pre-HoT myself when the Bone Spikes were incoming, in case I ended up as the spike target, to give the DPS a little more time to free me.

Otherwise Lord Marrowgar was relatively simple. A giant pain in the ass when he's whirlwinding/Bonestorming around the entire room while spitting out coldflames everywhere, but nothing too crazy. We had one member croak near the end, but we finished him off immediately after. No drops for me, but a very nice rogue cloak (but still decent for a Hunter) and an incredible cloth belt!! But sadly the warlock took it, which is too bad but completely fair.