Ashen Verdict - Friendly!

Farmed some Icecrown Citadel rep as Mardak over the weekend and got to Friendly reputation with Ashen Verdict, which rewarded the very nice Ashen Band of Wisdom.

During the farming, I discovered just how nice it is to have a rogue in the raid who can disarm or at least point out the traps. Or rather, I should say I discovered how awful it is to NOT have a rogue to do this. We wiped at least twice each farming run (we did three runs) because of very bad luck with the traps - every time we triggered one, we were already in combat with a group of mobs, so the giant bone guard would wake up, walk over and just crush the tank.

Oh well, it was worth it in the end. Now to start on the rep grind on my hunter...

Also made some large purchases in the last few days, including a Nobles Deck for 3k, and a Battered Hilt for 15k. I haven't decided what to do about the Nobles Deck yet, but I popped the Hilt back into the auction house to try to flip it for a few thousand gold. Fingers crossed!