Laptop struggles

I'm out of town on vacation/Christmas break right now, and I've quickly discovered just how difficult it is to switch to a different computer after months of getting used to the quirks and feel of your usual one. My laptop is decent enough for heroics without difficulty, but definitely insufficient for Dalaran. My gosh, what a lagfest that becomes. A good 2 minutes before anything even visually appears, and then another stuttering, halting few minutes before any players or NPCs show up. Rades' hearthstone has been switched to Undercity, the first time it's been anything other than Dalaran since I was able to get there.

Something else I realized was how much even the slightest discomfort/unfamiliarity will throw off your rhythm. As Rades, my most-commonly used button is my ~ (tilde) key, which is my steady shot/kill command. On my regular keyboard, there is a gap between the tilde key and the escape key, so I just reach for the farthest "connected" key I can reach. However, on the laptop the escape key is connected to the letter/numbers keys, so numerous times I ended up pressing escape (which of course, stopped my attack) and just stood there, drooling.

It also wasn't limited to just my hunter. While on Mardak, my middle mouse button casts Wild Growth. I soon discovered that when using my mini laptop mouse, pressing the button is much less clicky and harder to discern, so more than once I found myself desperately mashing it, expecting the nice firm CLICK, while in actuality the spell was casting just fine to begin with.

All in all though, these are minor inconveniences (well, not being able to go to Dalaran is a bit more of a headache). I wouldn't want to try raiding on the laptop, but for logging in to check mail and do the daily random heroic it should be fine.

I finally caved and bought the last 2 pieces as Mardak for the 4-piece t9 set. The huge loss of haste kills me inside, but the 4-piece bonus is pretty nice, so I'll try it and see how it goes. I also just noticed a talent in Balance that, for 3 points, would give 3% spell haste (I forget the name). Might be worth some talent juggling to try to get that.