A brief attempt at Loremaster, Battered Hilt

In a state of temporary madness, I decided this week to try for the Loremaster title, despite needing 300 quests in Eastern Kingdoms and 250 in Kalimdor. I stuck at it for a whole day, completing a good 50-75 quests around Brill and the Sepulcher. I found myself losing interest quickly, so I amused myself by leveling up my dagger and axe skills as I quested. Despite this though, I quickly grew tired of the tedious grinding for bear hearts or worgen mantles or spider venom or whatever random nonsense the Forsaken were asking me to fetch for them. So I gave up on it. A short-lived attempt.

As an aside, what is with the ridiculously globe-spanning quests you get in Undercity? I had quests to go to Azshara, Felwood, Ungoro, Badlands, you name it. Not to mention Scarlet Monastery, Uldaman, Razorfen Kraul, Shadowfang Keep, etc. I had forgotten just how many quests originate or pass through Undercity.

Finished off the Merrymaker achievements/title this week, with little difficulty. The hardest part was waiting for the stupid snowman kit to arrive in the mail, while fretting that since I had also done the quest last year, I might not get one and be unable to complete the achievement.

Also had a total jerkass tank in a PUG for heroic Gundrak, who pulled the snakes in the first room before the healer was even down the stairs, then complained about the delay when the healer had to switch specs and drink for mana (he had signed up as either heals or dps). Needless to say, the healer, myself and another dps (who had signed up together) were very unimpressed. I was teetering on the verge of a nice misdirect - shoot boss - feign death combo while the others dropped group, but a) I really wanted to get the random heroic over and done with, and Gundrak is so easy/fast; and b) I didn't want to screw our 5th member over, who was actually from our server and in the same guild as some of my in-game friends. So on we went, bitterly wanting the tank to fail or die so we could laugh at him...but it was not to be. Despite being a total dick, he was well-geared and capable and we breezed through it. As soon as the boss was looted, he dropped group and vanished. Good riddance.

In loot news, Rades' time with a bow was short-lived, as he is now sporting a shiny new Felglacier Bolter. I have to admit that the bow looked much cooler, but the Bolter is a very nice upgrade, so farewell bows, I hardly knew ye.

ALSO - finally saw the Battered Hilt drop today in a run of Pit of Saron! Sadly I didn't win the roll for it, but that's ok - my real-life friend did. He was then presented with the difficult decision of doing the questline and getting a great weapon, or selling it for buckets of cash. We compared stats and he decided to just try to get the Tyrannical Beheader instead (he's a death knight) and rake in the profits. First purchase if he manages to sell it: Mechano-Hog!

To finish off the night, said DK and myself decided to do some battlegrounds, which we hadn't done in ages. He and Rades tore up allies all across Arathi Basin, capturing and defending every base in the same battle. Even managed to pick up the Wrecking Ball achievement, which was a nice surprise as I figured I'd have to make a special effort to eventually get that one.