Winter's Veil

Okay, so not everything is working perfectly with 3.3 - my Call Stabled Pet ability is currently on a twenty day cooldown. A bit of an inconvenience, to be sure.

In positive news, Winter's Veil is upon us again, and I finally get the chance to finish this meta-achievement that I began last year. I didn't put much effort into it last year, since a) I wasn't high enough level to reach the airship for Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's, and I hadn't done the quest chain required for Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la. I did however save the fruitcake reward required for one of the achievements THE ENTIRE YEAR.

Completing the Ogri'la one was surprisingly easy thanks to Birdfall's great guide. For extra challenge (and because I'm a sadist) I decided to also pick up Blade's Edge Bomberman while I was at it. I was surprised at how unforgiving this was, as you basically needed a flawless run to pull it off, and even a little planning to ensure that your last bomb tosses were as close to the quest hand-in point as possible to gain precious seconds. It took me probably about 7-8 tries to get both achievements, coming seconds short numerous times.

I then switched to my solo BM spec and strolled into Nexus to kill Telestra to pick up a Santa Hat. As expected the venture took about 10-15 minutes and didn't present any difficulty. In fact, I only had to actually fight two groups of mobs - the first group of dragonkin when you go out onto the suspended walkways, and the pack of mage-hunters just inside Telestra's room. The rest I was able to sneak around without aggroing. Telestra herself was a breeze.

After that it was back to Dalaran to munch down some very old fruitcake. I already had the boots and winter clothes, as my alts had gotten the patterns last year and are making a bit of profit selling the clothes on the auction house.