Trade Prince Gallywix's Gall Street halts Auction House sales of crafting materials, cites "market volatility"

The Horde Auction House put heavy restrictions on the sale and purchase of Shadowlands crafting materials today, a controversial move that immediately gave Horde enterpreneurs 30% Haste for 40 seconds.

In recent weeks, savvy tailors and leatherworkers have feasted on the massive surplus of crafting materials such as Shrouded Cloth and Callous Hide being listed at low auction prices. In the hands of a skilled craftsperson, these raw resources can easily be converted into armor pieces and sold to a vendor for profit.

Making this practice even more lucrative is the sheer volume of cloth and leather being listed these days. One tailor, Caelista, said that after she finally reached zero cloth in her mailbox, she immediately purchased another 1000 pieces, laughing about how there was still another 17,000 pieces available. Another tailor, an orc named Grekfast, admitted that his only plans today were to "turn cloth and leather into gold, because apparently if you look for it there's so much fucking cheap cloth on the weekends you will never catch up processing it."

However, it seems that the financial powers behind the Auction House -- the goblin gold conglomerate known as Gall Street, maintained and managed by Trade Prince Gallywix -- have seen enough of this trade practice. As of this morning, these valuable crafting materials may be sold to vendors, but no longer listed or purchased on the Auction House.

Furthermore, some Horde citizens have reported receiving mail notifying them that previously-purchased crafting materials in their banks are being automatically vendored due to "unreasonable risk.".

An irate Gallywix complained about heroes "sitting in the Valley of Strength raking in their gold from Covenant Callings, trading their cloth."

"This cloth shuffle is a bullshit concept! It's a way of attacking wealthy goblins!", shouted Gallywix. "Do you think this is a Game? Stop these shenanigans immediately!"

When asked if it was hypocritical of Gall Street to shut down the Auction House right when regular Horde citizens started making gold, Gallywix sniffed scornfully.

"Listen kid, there's only one group that's allowed to be short sellers, and that's us goblins. Get the picture? It's sort of our racial trait, y'know?" Gallywix then begrudgingly admitted that vulpera "might be permitted" due to their goblin-equivalent stature.

Unsurprisingly, Gall Street's heavy-handed actions today are already being strongly opposed by some Horde leaders. "This is unacceptable," said Mayla Highmountain, High Chieftain of the Highmountain tauren. "We now need to know more about Trade Prince Gallywix's decision to block Horde citizens from purchasing crafting materials while Gall Street's goblins are freely able to trade the materials as they see fit."

"As a member of the Horde Council, I'd support a mak'gora if necessary."

Update: Auction House restrictions on crafting material transactions got tighter throughout the week, after the Goblinhood Appraisal department of Gall Street announced new regulations stating that moving forward, buyers would now be limited to purchasing only a single stack of Shrouded Cloth, and bidding on a maximum of five other listings.

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