Horde appoints former Old Horde official as its chief administrative officer

The Horde Council has brought on another Old Horde alum to its leadership team, with the appointment of Gul'dan the Great Betrayer, Darkness Incarnate, The Destroyer of Dreams as chief administrative officer.

Earlier this year, the council announced the promotion of Gazlowe as representative of the Bilgewater Cartel goblins. But Gul'dan, who joins the council following a previous role under Warchief Blackhand during the Second War, come aboard with notably less fanfare, his hiring revealed via accidental misstell.

"Fellow members of the council, Gul'dan is a rare talent, and the perfect fit for the Horde. His unparalleled combination of magic, military, and leadership experience makes him ideally suited to accelerate our organizational transformation and deliver on great opportunities for future growth," said Thrall this morning in a /yell heard by everyone in Orgrimmar.

"Please disregard what you may just heard, as it was meant for internal council ears only!" said Thrall, a few minutes later. "Sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to remove it."

Before Thrall noticed his error, he made note of Gul'dan's role in "leading the Old Horde's talent, diversity, and inclusion efforts," despite the Old Horde's attempts to massacre every single member of the Draenei race.

Gul'dan's role in the Horde will grant him management of "Faction Social Responsibility" activities across the Horde, as well as the 'Old War Criminals Who Feel Real Bad Now, For Real' charity for Second War orcish veterans.

At a gathering in the Valley of Strength, Horde Council member Talanji said of the hiring: "Gul'dan's unparalleled success in the 'Almost Obliterated Not One World, But Two' industry, and his distinguished career as the most evil, unredeemable, unrepentant person in the entire history of our universe make him an excellent addition to our leadership team, to lead the Horde toward yet another one of our leaders becoming an end-of-expansion killable raid boss."

"We believe in honouring the legacy and extraordinary sacrifices—" At this point, Talanji was momentarily interrupted as Gul'dan began cackling uncontrollably and had to be helped off the dais. "—of the Old Horde, and we recognize the expertise and rigor they bring to everything they do."

"He seems a pleasant enough senior citizen," said Mayla Highmountain, leader of the Highmountain Tauren. "Considerate, too. He noticed I was looking a bit thirsty and brought me something to drink."

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    WoW TBC Classic account

    It is amazing how he reinvented himself from an obscure congressman to President Donald Trump’s most trusted and influential adviser on international affairs, and now as Blizzard's chief administrative officer.

    July 10, 2021 at 8:51 AM