Minipost: My annual push to 89

Last week I realized it was almost time for Love is in the Air, which meant that I only had a few days to powerlevel my priest! My poor, neglected priest who I haven't played all expansion. (I did apparently level up both her professions to max, though, without ever leaving Orgrimmar.) She's been dutifully serving as enchanting auctioneer and transmute specialist, keeping the guild bank stocked up on gems and primal diamonds.

But now the crunch was on. I had only until today to get her up to 89 so she could take part in killing the Crown Chemical bosses every day. (89 is the minimum level to queue for the bosses.)



I want that mount for Fabulor so bad. SO. BAD. It would be so perfect! Agh!

This isn't the first time I've furiously leveled up an alt for extra chances at the rocket. I did the exact same thing last year with my druid. And I basically haven't leveled any other characters since this time last year, I just realized. Huh.

Anyway, Sans was 85 on Friday, and she hit the magical 89 yesterday afternoon sometime. Once I got through the customary half hour of studying the Shadow rotation and building a set of corresponding weak auras, the leveling actually went quite smoothly. Shadow is a lot more engaging than I remember it being, and pretty durable too. Of course, having an item level 450 blue BOA staff with Jade Spirit on it certainly helped the process some.

So now that my yearly leveling is done, all that's left to do now is cross my fingers and hope the Crown Chemical guys are feeling generous this year!