Minipost: My weekly SoO loot/transmog checklist

For many months now, I've kept a notepad file open on my computer. This text file is of crucial importance to me, because it's a master loot list of all the Siege of Orgrimmar bosses, and what loot I still want from each one - for Holy, for Ret, for Prot, or (perhaps most importantly) for transmog.

Originally I used it last tier to keep track of boss loot, but also as a checklist to see if all three of my raiding 90s had killed an Isle rare, killed Nalak, and found an Isle treasure trove each week. But the introduction of Flex raiding, the cool transmog gear in SoO, and my multiple raid roles have caused me to adapt the list to be purely a gear checklist.

Why a list? Why not just check the dungeon journal each time? Well, because checking the journal is a pain in the ass and pretty inefficient, not to mention that as we all KNOW it likes to just stop working every 5 minutes until you reload your UI. But also it's nice to be able to look at the list and be able to immediately examine which specs (and which difficulties) can potentially benefit from boss kills.

When 5.4 launched, my priority for normal bonus rolls, Flex and LFR was of course Holy. I didn't expect to really ever play Ret or Prot in a raid, and there were no dailies to worry about so my Ret offspec didn't really matter. Theremore, my next priority was MOGGING!

Some of the LFR pieces this tier are really, really cool - the Paladin aqua-blue set, the green drill mace from Blackfuse and the green sword from Paragons, just to name a few - so I've found myself running a lot of LFR, probably more than I did in Throne of Thunder, actually, since I really didn't like a lot of the pieces from there for transmog. And it's crucial to get all this gear now, since once people stop running LFR, that's it, it's gone!

However, when we reached Nazgrim and Spoils, we realized that maybe it would be good if I had a tolerable Ret gear set for when we wanted to two-heal fights. So now I started pursuing Ret gear in Flex and LFR. And it wasn't long after that before we thought, you know, it would *probably* be useful if we had another tank option in case our warrior tank couldn't make it due to his unpredictable work schedule. And so now tank drops were added to the list.

So as it stands now, the list is a mix of gear for all three specs, with special notes if I also (or only) want a piece for mogging. It's still a long list, but it's slowly being whittled down. I'm almost done with Holy drops, and I ALMOST have all the mog gear I want out of LFR. The end is in sight! (I hope.)

Here's an example of what the file looks like, and what I consult every time I join a raid group.

PROT ring (Flex), bone Helm (Flex)

HOLY Ring (Flex/Norm)
PROT Neck (Flex), Chest (Flex), Belt sidegrade (Flex), Trinket (LFR/Flex)
RET Neck (Flex)
MOG RET Hands, belt (LFR)

PROT Belt sidegrade (Flex), Ring (Flex)
HOLY Mace (Normal)
RET Ring (Flex)

 NAZGRIM (tier hands)
MOG Prot Shield (LFR)
PROT trinket (LFR/Flex)
MOG sha Shield (LFR)
 RET Neck (Flex), Boots (LFR only)
 PROT cyborg Boots (LFR)

RET Ring (Flex)
MOG RET cyborg Helm (LFR/Flex)
 THOK (tier head)
RET Ring (Flex), Trinket (Norm)
PROT Ring (Flex) 
HOLY Ring (Flex/Norm), Trinket (Norm)

Do other people make gear lists like this? Being a hybrid class, especially a triple hybrid class, sure is nice for raid versatility, but man does it make it tough to get all the gear you want with all the raid difficulties now.

(Also, I'm down to I think 4 open bag slots on Fabulor. Things are getting rough.)

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    As always, ALWAYS, looking fabulous, Fabulor! Lists, lists are good things. I have a few, too, and keep them around to remind me once in awhile I get something done! (On my list today: see if I can get on Rade's blogroll…begging? Cookies? sigh….)

    December 16, 2013 at 5:52 AM

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    Matty, I know what it takes to get on the blogroll! Get Fabulor to come to the Old Ladies Raiding Guild! The power of Old Ladies and Guys in Dresses will compel him to update!

    (p.s., love the blue/gold paladin set from SoO.)

    December 16, 2013 at 11:44 AM

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    I do this too! My notes have other things too, and my gear list is formatted differently though. I'm going to post it. Such great idea! Much sharing! Wow!

    December 16, 2013 at 2:14 PM