Minipost: My vendor trash collection

I've come to have a bit of a reputation as a hoarder in WoW among my friends. And I suppose it's true.

My collecting habits recently became the topic of an incredulous guild discussion, after my guildies found out I collect Blingtron Heart Keys.

Why? Well...I don't really need the I think it's kind of funny to collect valuable vendor trash. And if I ever did suddenly need some extra funds, I've got these stashed away as some emergency rainy-day cash.

I keep all my junk in one of my storage guild banks. Not everything in this tab is valuable - some of it is just funny or little souvenirs/keepsakes.

Lao Chin's Last Mug x2
Two of these, because they're unique and surprisingly not soulbound, and funny.

Eternium Rose x6
I figure these might be nice to give to someone...or failing that, as a quick source of decent cash.

Faded Glyph x3
Leftover from when Blizzard removed a ton of glyphs, I find the flavor text on this item kind of charming.

Broken Amulet
A keepsake from a Blasted Lands quest. There's nothing really special about this item EXCEPT the quest it is from rewards one of my all-time favorite cloaks, so I usually end up doing it on all my characters.

Ethereum Prison Key x5
I bought a bunch of these off the Auction House a few months ago for From Draenor With Love research.

Frayed Abomination Stitching x10
I had a bunch of these stashed in Rades' bank before they got turned into useless grey items, and now I can't bring myself to sell them.

Bug Eye
For TTGF guildie Buglamp.

Ruined Pelt
For TTGF guildie Peltpunisher.

Fortune Card
Proof that these do exist!

Fortune Card
Not quite as good, but still nice.

Blingtron Heart Key x8
At this point I just want to see how many I can get.

Eye of Burning Shadow
No idea what this is from anymore, it's just kinda cool.

Gordok Ogre Suit
Always handy to have one of these around!

Reliquary Facsimile
Okay, this one I keep because it has some cool lore written on it.

Primitive Electron Collider
Just a random expensive Blingtron prize.

Ultrasafe Bullet Machine x2
Ah, memories of crafting thousands of bullets during Wrath and keeping them in Rades' mailbox in case he ran out during a raid!

Blood-Spattered Zandalari Journal, Frayed Zandalari Journal, Iron-Bound Zandalari Journal, Torn Zandalari Journal and Waterlogged Zandalari Journal
These souvenirs from the Isle of Thunder have really cool troll lore flavor text, especially the Waterlogged one.

And a few other random grey items with no real story or significance behind them:
Chipped Hair Brush
Small Pocket Watch
Crumpled Bill of Sale

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    The Eye of Burning Shadow was from the priest class quest wasn't it?

    December 9, 2013 at 4:20 AM

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    The Eye of Burning Shadow was a drop from that cave in Durotar from a named mob. It used to give a quest, but now it drops as a grey item. Guess there is no need to report on the Burning Legion activity anymore, huh?

    December 9, 2013 at 7:05 AM

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    I got crude eating utensils

    back in wrath while doing the daily fishing quest and I've kept it ever since.

    The flavour text still makes me laugh

    December 9, 2013 at 11:22 AM

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    I do a bit of this as well. I have/had a few of these on various toons:

    Never know when you're going to be able to salvage a 1% wipe personally, although that's hard to do when it's sitting in the bank...

    Some of these as well:

    Each of my toons has kept any fancy fishing rods they've picked up despite none of them actually using physical fishing rods anymore.

    I still have a bunch of:

    on a couple of toons, I wasn't sure what to do with them so I never spent them before it was too late to do so.

    My hunter still carries around a:

    in his bags in honour/shame of my epic fail while attempting to tame a rare and killing it instead. Long, sad story.

    There are probably others as well... mostly things that you can't get anymore and generally have no particular purpose or won't ever actually be used.

    December 13, 2013 at 9:39 AM