Minipost: Glasya the Unfulfilled

This post is about one of my characters who has appeared in many posts on this blog, but has never really been talked about - my Forsaken mage, Glasya. Her name is taken from fantasy lore - Glasya is a Princess of the Nine Hells, daughter of Asmodeus, and Lord of the Sixth layer of Hell. She is a minor patron of corruption and agony, and incredibly devious. I thought it an appropriate name.

She's been my only character to play through the awesome post-Shattering Horde Eastern Kingdoms questlines - Tirisfal, Silverpine, Hillsbrad, Arathi, the Plaguelands, Badlands, etc. I rolled her pretty much the first day after the patch, because I was super excited to see all the new lore. (Obviously, I wasn't disappointed.)

All those posts about Cromush, Garrosh & demon blood, and Sylvanas' master plan - they all feature screenshots with Glasya standing right in the middle of the shot, which is pretty unusual for my posts. But this is because unlike most of my pictures, they weren't posed or set up - they were just grabbed while I was questing through the zones. And I haven't been back since, so they remain my only shots of those great moments.

I had a really fun time experiencing the new zones with her, and trying out a mage for the first time. I did some PVP, some dungeons, tried out both Arcane and Fire (never really wanted to get into Frost and have the pet, though), and enjoyed the alt time. Because of the heavy Forsaken ideals and principles established in the early zones, I also had a blast regarding her as a really diehard Forsaken loyalist, reveling in the destruction of Southshore, the turning of Galen Trollbane, etc.

Her harlequin smile added a lot of sinister glee to these moments. I make no excuses, she's mean, cruel and enjoys causing pain. That being said, there are two moments where she's "broken character" and showed a different side - the Orkus questline, which was too sad even for her withered heart, and the Rheastrasza questline, where what the red dragon wanted her to do utterly disgusted her. Her! A bad-as-you-get, heartless Forsaken. That says a lot about how I felt about those quests, as a player.

(Glasya does still have Rhea's egg, though.)

Eventually Cataclysm came out and Glasya got shelved so I could level up and play raiding mains. I didn't play her again for many months...not until near the end of Cataclysm, actually. I had just finished Herald of the Titans Alliance-side with Waypoint, and back over in TTGF we decided to give it a shot. Time to brush off the mage keybinds and bring Glasya out of retirement!

Since I had just gone through this, I knew what was needed. I got Glasya to 80, and started grinding Justice Points and farming up Ulduar gear. I ran the entry-level Cata dungeons repeatedly, and ended up with a near-BiS set for a level 80. It was pretty fun doing 100k+ DPS in Throne of the Tides and just obliterating Reconut.

Glasya also got a Darkmoon Card: Greatness, which I'd had stashed away in a storage guild bank for ages. To this day, she's been my only character who's gotten to enjoy a Darkmoon trinket.

I got her Alchemy and Inscription to 525, to benefit from Cataclysm profession perks. (I'm wearing the Herald of the Titans title at this point from earning it Alliance-side. Yay for account-wide titles!)

I leveled up First Aid, because even a single Dense Embersilk Bandage tick on a level 80 was/is an incredibly potent Herald tool. I got her Cooking to 525 too, and learned the Seafood Magnifique Feast recipe, so we'd have the best food buff available.

I even got in some Sartharion 25 runs, to try to get a trinket to replace my ilvl 200 Alchemist Stone. This was harder than it sounds - I had to convince whoever was setting up the runs that yes, I'm only level 80, but a) I'll do adequate DPS and won't die, and b) I DON'T WANT THE MOUNT, I actually want GEAR. It was annoying and I never did even get the trinket, despite regularly outdpsing most of the level 85s.

And I practiced Fire and Arcane, and set up power auras for both, since I wasn't sure which would be more effective against Algalon.

And of course, most importantly, I made her a sick mog. (See the picture at the top of this post. Finally, a character who could use Putress' look!)

Just before Mists came out - I think it was the week before, or something - TTGF finally had everyone geared up and ready to go. There was only one problem.

We had eleven people.

There was really no debate. Of the 11 players who had geared up Herald toons, I was the only one who already had the title and didn't need the kill. So I sat and listened as they worked on Algalon. It definitely took some practice, and it's not a fight to underestimate, as I had learned while doing it Alliance-side.

Ironically, I actually literally sat outside the doors, because I was the only one with 525 Cooking and the fish feast learned. So after every wipe everyone would fly back and rez, and zone out to eat a new feast Glasya dropped, and fill up on mage food if they needed it.

Now, obviously this was what needed to be done. I didn't need the kill, and the rest of TTGF did eventually kill Algalon without me and got their titles. And we all had our mandatory drake party in Dalaran.

But to this day, Glasya remains experience-locked, with her Herald gear set saved and intact. After all that work, I feel like she can't move on and start leveling again yet. That to do so would be wasting all that time spent grinding JP, all those ToC and Ulduar runs, all that profession grinding.

It's weird and kind of pointless since I already have the title, but...I just can't do it!

In the meantime, she's taken over one of my storage guilds and is now my primary scribe, with Inscription leveled all the way to 600. I can't use the super shoulder enchants until 85, of course, but she can make them for my other characters, as well as any glyphs I need.

I don't know that anyone Horde-side will ever be exactly one DPS short and need a Herald-geared character ready to fill in. I probably shouldn't hold my breath for it. And I'm not going to go looking for a group on OpenRaid or anything because, well...I don't actually need it.

So Glasya remains in this weird state of limbo. Her big, major goal - her destiny - completed, yet hollow and unfulfilled.

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    Poor Glasya. She's like one of those actors that move to NYC, dreaming of hitting the big time, making their mark. They've studied, they've practiced, they've worked for this moment all their lives. And then the end up waiting tables. Your fishfeast, sir?

    August 19, 2013 at 7:50 AM

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    I have a rogue that was in a guild that was working toward the Herald of the Titans achievement. Maura (now Marea) is still needing some gear to get just the right place, but the guild had some drama and split. I'd level her, but I don't even have the achievement. When I get back, I'm hoping there are some in Open Raid that are working toward the same.

    Poor, sad rogue.

    August 25, 2013 at 1:16 AM

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    I want to make a "Glasya half empty" joke but I'm too lazy

    July 23, 2014 at 8:11 PM