Minipost: The many faces of Bolvar Fordragon

Bolvar Fordragon's lived a pretty exciting life in Warcraft, and over the years he's had quite a few different looks and appearances. Maybe more than anyone else?

Let's go back chronologically, which means of course we start with his current state: Bolvar the Lich King!

Before that, well everyone remembers his look from the amazing Wrathgate, right? (And as an Alliance quest-giver in Dragonblight, I suppose.)

And of course, back in Vanilla Bolvar had a different appearance, and played a very important role in the huge Onyxia questline.

Source: Anduin Wrynn: Then and Now (

(, Anduin sure has changed some too, hasn't he?)

Bolvar's Vanilla look was even immortalized in mini form!

Of course, at around this time is also when the WoW comics took place. And Bolvar had yet another look within those pages!

...I guess he liked to work out.

Finally, Bolvar has one other appearance that I was able to find. And I get the feeling it's one that not many current WoW players have seen.

That's Anduin, Katrana Prestor and Bolvar.

Yes, that's right. That hulking, bald, cro-magnon-browed goon with legs the size of Kalimdor and a belt the size of the Eastern Kingdoms is Bolvar Fordragon, as he appears in the World of Warcraft RPG book "Alliance Player's Guide". I think WoW was already out at this point? So I'm really not sure how this:

...turned into THIS.


So Bolvar, you might be cursed to live eternally as a chamber for the damned, in a body destroyed yet cursed with immortality by dragonflame, with no hair and charred, cratered flesh that is ashen and cracked...but at least you don't look like THAT anymore.

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    Moveable Press

    Bolvar is my hero, which should not really come as any surprise. That Onyxia questline *sigh*

    July 8, 2013 at 3:24 AM

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    Funny story...a few years ago, I wrote a fan fiction that I submitted to Blizzard's annual writing contest.

    I figured that since he's one of the few major lore characters with little to no actual history, he was the perfect character to include in my story.

    I wrote him as gay, actually. And his romance (non sexual, because for some reason it made sense that way) was with a Sindorei priest. I'm actually quite proud of that story. I might republish it on my blog.

    July 10, 2013 at 5:57 PM