Minipost: Farewell, Hunter melee weapons :(

Big changes coming in this week's 5.0.4 patch, including one major change to hunters - the removal of our melee weapons, and minimum ranges. The disappearance of minimum range - FINALLY - is a long-awaited godsend, and it's going to be amazing...we'll actually be able to do those complex raid strategies like STACK UP. Or soak crystals on Baelroc because we won't be too close to shoot, etc.

However, the loss of melee weapons is an unfortunate sacrifice. It's for the better, but it's still sad. Other classes don't really have this same situation, since casters can still use their wands as their moggable weapons, and sigils? Librams? Who cares about those?

I didn't keep all of the melee weapons Rades has gotten over the years (who knew transmog would actually be a thing?) but here's the favorites I still have tucked away in my bank. Even after Rades loses the ability to equip them, they won't be going anywhere, and definitely won't be sold. Most likely going to keep these guys forever.

(Pictured at top, obviously, is Hellreaver, which went well with both Rades' ICC outfit and his Talhide "classy" look.)

Frostscythe of Lord Ahune

This is the level 70 version, from a time way, way back before I was in any guild or even dared to run dungeons. It was a definite keep, because of its awesome appearance, but also because I had to earn it by grouping up, a significant effort for me at the time.

Twin's Pact

Twin's Pact is of similar importance to me, because Trial of the Crusader was my first foray into raiding, doing 10 and 25-man pugs with strangers. They were great learning experiences, and definitely whetted my appetite for more raiding. This staff is the only item I still have from those pugging days. So it's not only really cool looking, it's a treasured memento and keepsake, and in a lot of ways, a personal trophy.

Frost Giant's Cleaver and Bone Warden's Splitter

Used these twin axes all through ICC, and I loved the dual axes sheathed-on-back look so much, I had to copy it when I started playing Morgion. In a lot of ways, Twin's Pact was my "pre-raiding-guild/pugging days" and these axes represent the start of my time in TTGF.

Also, I tanked Varian with these axes before Jaina stepped in to rescue him.
Worthless scrub.

Blackhand Doomsaw

I really love this polearm model, and am quite sad I won't be able to use it any longer for mog outfits. Only shares a model with one other item, a quest reward, and I'd already done the quest and vendored the reward, so I had to farm dumb old Rend Blackhand in UBRS for a few days to get his blade. (One of the only mog items I've actually spent a lot of time farming for on Rades, actually.) Worth it though.

Argent Avenger

One of my saddest realizations is that since transmog was introduced, I never once had the chance to use double swords that I could transmog into this lightsaber model - it's been all staves and polearms lately. And Rades is my only character who has this no-longer-available item, too. Sadness. :(

Kiril, Fury of Beasts

Ahh, Kiril. Amazingly BiS, great-looking, different colored versions available, and of course, the AWESOME giant-size buff.

This is a weapon I am going to sorely, sorely miss. Nothing makes for instant hilarious screenshots like suddenly doubling in size. R.I.P., Kiril.

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    What a great collection and a lot of great memories :)

    August 27, 2012 at 4:39 AM

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    Awesome screencaps. As you said, the point blank range change kind of obviates the need for melee weapons. :\

    August 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM

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    Just so you know, Hunters will still be able to equip the weapons, but at the expense of their ranged weapon.

    So at least you can still show off in town?

    August 27, 2012 at 4:50 AM

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    That's an awesome collection, great outfits, and hilarious Kiril buff pictures :D

    I don't have nearly as many cool melee weapons with my Hunter, but I'll still miss using them out in the PvE field.

    August 27, 2012 at 8:59 AM

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    Liked the post! As a fellow hunter, I'm sad to be losing the utility of my melee weapon as well, plus all of the fun transmog available. Loved the caps of your weapons and transmogs, too.

    Plus, part of me is still baffled how point-blank will work with a bow, but I guess in WoW things like that don't need to make sense.

    August 27, 2012 at 10:31 PM