Minipost: Chocolatepie, Muffen and Coffeh

Ever since Wrath of the Lich King came out, there's been something rather special about Hellfire Ramparts. The endless stream of baby Death Knights, unsure how to use their abilities, freshly decked out in their Lich King finest...yes, I think we are all familiar with the dreaded - or in some cases, highly anticipated - Ramps experience.

I decided to dust off my little Forsaken mage on the weekend, and got her up to Outlands level. I dove into Ramps because cripes, anything is better than questing through Hellfire again, and oh, Ramps did not disappoint me.

I ended up in a group with three Death Knights. They immediately began pulling - not unusual - but after the first set of mobs, the healer dropped group. The DKs paused for a moment, looked around...and kept pulling, unfazed. I began updating Twitter on this amazing run as it occurred:

Chocolatepie, Muffen, and Coffeh.

What hilariously awesome names for a trio of DK friends. :D

Somehow, we survived a few pulls. I sheeped whatever I could, they just...each grabbed a different target and whacked away, and we staggered onward. Poor Chocolatepie died, but a quick Mass Resurrection and he was back in the fight.

It's difficult to explain just how chaotic these three were. They would just clump together and swarm around targets, and two of them were Tauren, so it was just this bulging mass of blue steel and skulls rolling over the floor, enveloping Fel Orcs and wolves in its wake.

Don't believe me? Look!

That's me, roasting the last mob in a pull, who was right next to me. But what's up with my DK buddies? What are they doing over there?? They're all just gathered together having a picnic or something. It's like we're in a football game and they've decided to hold an emergency huddle.


Amazingly, we got a healer who didn't drop group in horror upon seeing them. He did ask who was tanking, and honestly, this was a good question. Two of the three DKs were in Blood spec, and they all seemed to randomly switch presences whenever they felt like it.

We eventually finished up with minimal losses or deaths, and when asked if I wanted to queue again, I of course said yes. How could I resist? This was too priceless for words.

So thanks for the hilarious dungeon runs, you three. You absolutely made my day.

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    Just goes to show you that sometimes a bad group can really be a good group.

    Had a run a while back with a paladin that died a million times and instead of making it a bad run his dying all the time made it a great run.

    January 23, 2012 at 7:22 AM

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    At least you could laugh at this one, Rades. I didn't have the experience of three DKs in Ramparts, but instead Neve got three DKs on Magister's Terrace.

    And none of them had been there before.

    I think it took somewhere along the lines of 2.5 - 3 hours to finish that place, including stops for repairing gear.

    January 23, 2012 at 6:45 PM

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    I howled with laughter when i first read this on twitter Rades. Thank for the follow up article :) I may follow there adventures on Armoury.

    January 24, 2012 at 11:25 AM