Frost/Unholy DK Firelands raiding gear list

Raiding Firelands as a Frost or Unholy DK and don't know what gear you should be looking for? Here is a list of all DK DPS gear introduced in 4.2 - anything that drops in Firelands (from bosses or trash), Avengers of Hyjal reputation items, gear that you can buy from the Molten Front vendors (or are crafted via patterns from these vendors), and gear purchasable with Valor Points, including our Tier 12 pieces.

It is interesting to note that there is only ONE Shoulder option, our Tier 12 piece, whose token drops from one of the final Firelands bosses (Majordomo Staghelm). This is pretty terrible for us - not only is it our only possible Shoulder piece, but even if we are lucky enough to have it drop, we then have to outroll any Rogues, Mages or Druids in the raid. You may want to check with your raid and see if they are willing to give you first dibs on this token, since it is literally our only option.

Alternately, you could try to convince your raid to go down Heroic Halfus and hope he drops Pauldrons of the Great Ettin (Heroic). Or, you could grind Conquest Points and grab a set of Ruthless Gladiator's Dreadplate Shoulders - not ideal, but we don't have much to work with. I have included these two pieces in the list for comparison purposes.

Anyway, I have preceded any gear below Firelands quality (item level 378) and the PVP Shoulders with a - to indicate their lower-than-Firelands status; similarly, any items higher than ilvl 378 are marked with a +.

Elementium Deathplate Helmet - Tier 12 (Ragnaros)
Greathelm of the Voracious Maw - Alysrazor

- Fireheart Necklace - The Molten Front (Zen'Vorka)
Firebound Gorget - BoE (Firelands Zone Drop)
Necklace of Fetishes - Shannox
Stoneheart Choker - Valor Points x1250

- Pauldrons of the Great Ettin (Heroic) - Halfus (Heroic)
Elementium Deathplate Pauldrons - Tier 12 (Majordomo Staghelm)
- Ruthless Gladiator's Dreadplate Shoulders - Conquest Points x1650

- Mantle of Fury - Quest
Bladed Flamewrath Cover - Avengers of Hyjal (Friendly)

Breastplate of Shifting Visions - Majordomo Staghelm
Elementium Deathplate Breastplate - Tier 12 (Valor Points x2200)

Earthcrack Bracers - Lord Rhyolith
Gigantiform Bracers - BoE (Valor Points x1250)

Elementium Deathplate Gauntlets - Tier 12 (Valor Points x1650 / Occu'thar)
Fireskin Gauntlets - Lord Rhyolith
Fists of Fury - BoE (Blacksmithing)

- Rickety Belt - The Molten Front (Damek Bloombeard)
Cinch of the Flaming Ember - Avengers of Hyjal (Honored)

Elementium Deathplate Greaves - Tier 12 (Valor Points x2200 / Occu'thar)
Lavaworm Legplates - Alysrazor

Arachnaflame Treads - BoE (Beth'tilac)
Warboots of Mighty Lords - BoE (Blacksmithing)

- Meteorite Ring - The Molten Front (Damek Bloombeard)
- Moon Blessed Band - The Molten Front (Ayla Shadowstorm)
Alysrazor's Band - Alysrazor
Serrated Brimstone Signet - Valor Points x1250
+ Obsidian Signet of the Avengers - Avengers of Hyjal (Exalted) (ilvl 384)

- Relic of Lo'Gosh - The Molten Front (Varlan Highbough)
Relic of the Elemental Lords - Valor Points x700

- Dwyer's Caber - The Molten Front (Varlan Highbough)
Apparatus of Khaz'goroth - BoE (Firelands Zone Drop)
Essence of the Eternal Flame - Avengers of Hyjal (Revered)
+ Vessel of Acceleration - Ragnaros (ilvl 384)

One-Handed Weapons
- Elementium-Edged Scalper - BoE (Blacksmithing)
Obsidium Cleaver - BoE (Firelands Zone Drop)

Two-Handed Weapons
- Masterwork Elementium Deathblade - BoE (Blacksmithing)
Skullstealer Greataxe - Shannox
Zoid's Firelit Greatsword - Can drop from any Firelands boss except Ragnaros
+ Sulfuras, The Extinguished Hand - Ragnaros (ilvl 384)