My DK, Hunter & Priest Power Auras (as of 4.06)

My first Power Auras setup! Feb. 5/09, level 70 DK. I quickly grew tired of the unnecessary noise.

I've had the last few days off because of a sore back, so I figured I'd take some screenshots and show what I'm using for Power Auras these days! I always enjoy seeing how other players set up their auras, and what kind of visuals they prefer. It's always fun to see different perspectives.

I haven't included any Export code or anything because I rarely use other people's auras directly, but instead use their setups as inspiration. And mine are all relatively straightforward. That being said, if you want more info on any particular aura or want the Export code, just ask and I'll provide it!

I'm a big fan of timers and multiple-step displays to show stack totals, such as Evangelism or Shadow Orbs. For instance, my Evangelism auras show up as 5 segments of a ring, each colored white. With each stack, another segment shows up, and when it reaches the full 5 stacks, the ring turns yellow to indicate it's maxed and ready!

I've also developed the odd habit of using GIANT TEXT AURAS for classes I'm unfamiliar with. For example, when I was learning how to DK, I'd never played Frost before, so I struggled with remembering the difference between a Rime proc (free Howling Blast) and a Killing Machine proc (next Obliterate or Frost Strike would be a crit). "What is this frosty blue WoW visual and what does it mean? And what does THAT frosty blue display mean?? D:"

However, I'm a very fast reader, so I realized that the easiest way for me to get used to these procs was to simply have instructions to myself flash in giant letters. I also found that in the heat of battle, it's easy to overlook a random bit of color or a swirl here or there, but actual letters and words leap off the screen at me and grab my eye.

I've since adopted this habit for other "alerts", such as a giant "GROUNDED" message off to the side if I have that debuff during the Ascendant Council fight, or a "SICKNESS" warning (with timer) if I'm about to vomit during the Cho'gall encounter. I found that if a word is in my peripheral vision, I register it subconsciously and without any effort. Sure, it's kinda ugly but hey, it works for me!

Death Knight (Frost)

The UI display in the lower left corner is an addon, DocsDebugRunes.

The presence indicators show up only if I'm in the wrong presence for either of my specs.
Necrotic Strike is hilariously huge because of Maloriak. (I have an identical one for Curse of Tongues.)
Also, I forgot to label it but the "60" is the remaining duration on my flask.

Important debuffs, when I don't have time to look at the icons & read tooltips.

These warnings only show up if I have the wrong weapons equipped in either of my specs.

Hunter (Beast Mastery)

Hunters really do have a ridiculous amount of utility spells. And I don't even have trap auras!
When any spell is on cooldown (Rapid Fire, Disengage, etc) their auras are replaced by cooldown timers.

My current Aspect. Outside of combat, I like small, unobtrusive indicators for Fox/Hawk.

Priest (Shadow, Discipline)

The Shadow Orbs bars show up one at a time, up to their maximum of 3 stacks.

Again, the Evangelism segments show up one at a time, up to 5.

Evangelism at the full 5 stacks!

My next goal...figure out an aura that will tell me when I have a Soul Blade enchanted with Razorice in my main hand, and when I have a Soul Blade enchanted with Cinderglacier in my main hand.* So far, the identical weapon names are presenting all sorts of problems, and I haven't been able to figure it out. But hopefully soon!

(*As long as the weapons are comparable, Dual Wield Frost DKs benefit from switching out their normal Razorice-enchanted weapon for a Cinderglacier-enchanted weapon for higher AoE damage.)

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    Those are some sick looking set ups.

    I tried it once and could not get into using it. While it looks impressive I doubt I would be able to get a hang of it. I like a clean screen for the most part.

    I am a little OCD about having nothing blocking my view of anything. Even healing addons make me feel like I am at a disadvantage even though I know I need them.

    I would be more comfortable playing with a completely blank screen. I can only do it on my hunter however. All my other characters set ups are not as thoroughly bound like my hunter is.

    March 30, 2011 at 8:14 AM

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    I would love for you to post the export codes. I find power auras a little tedious to set up and I really like what you've got here. I'm particularly interested in the hunter auras.

    April 2, 2011 at 5:07 PM