How to kill the Omnotrons as a Frost DK

The Omnotron Defense Council (also known as "Omnomnomotrons" or "Momnotrons") are the second encounter in Blackwing Descent. It's a chaotic fight with four separate bosses, each with their own abilities and mechanics. Individually they're not that bad, but two are active at the same time and they rotate through phases of activity and inactivity, making the fight require decent coordination, awareness and reaction speed.

For a Frost DK, there are many useful things we can do during this fight. In fact, the only golem we don't do anything special for is Electron - all the others have a mechanic where our special abilities shine.

Your special class/spec responsibilities:
• Interrupt Arcanotron's Arcane Annihilator
• Use defensive cooldowns to reduce Magmatron's damage
• Slow and kill Toxitron's Poison Bombs

The Omnotrons activate in a random order, so it's important to know each golem's abilities so you can react on the fly during the fight. An Omnotron will activate with 100 energy which will steadily decrease until it reaches 50. I'm going to call this period its "Active" mode. At 50 energy, they get a defensive shield but use fewer abilities. Their energy continues to decrease, and upon reaching 0 energy they shut off. I'll call this "Passive" mode.

When an Omnotron enters its Passive Mode and turns on its defensive shield, a new Omnotron will activate. At this point, everyone switches DPS to the one that just activated, because BAD THINGS happen if you hit an Omnotron while its shield is up. (Fortunately, we don't have to worry about diseases still ticking on a boss when it puts up its shield - as long as we don't actively apply new ones, we're fine.)

For example, let's say Toxitron is active at the start of the fight. When Toxitron reaches 50 energy, it triggers its shield and Magmatron activates. All DPS switch to Magmatron. When Toxitron reaches 0 energy and when Magmatron reaches 50 energy (these happen at the same time), Toxitron shuts down, Magmatron triggers its shield, Electron activates, and all DPS switch to Electron.

Here's a breakdown of the individual golems and their special abilities, and what we need to know about each one.

• It is very important to interrupt Arcanotron's Arcane Annihilator ability, but it casts it too frequently to interrupt them all yourself. It's a good idea to trade off interrupts with someone else and call them out so you don't both interrupt one, and then both be unable to get the next.

• Arcanotron will drop an energy puddle on the ground that is shiny and silvery and buffs anyone (including the boss) that stands in it. If you can be in it and still hit the boss, great! But if the tank drags Arcanotron too far away for you to use it, just ignore it.

Arcanotron Shield: Hitting Arcanotron's shield will give it a stacking buff, so don't do it! (The buff CAN be spellstolen, but honestly if you have a mage who wants to do that, let the mage handle it.)

Arcanotron Passive Mode: Arcanotron will continue to cast Arcane Annihilator, which still needs to be interrupted. One DPS is usually assigned to stay on Arcanotron and get the interrupts. If you're chosen for this duty, don't attack Arcanotron while its shield is up, just interrupt. That being said, it's not the end of the world if you accidentally hit it once or twice, and it's better to hit it once but interrupt an Annihilator than not hit it and miss the interrupt. The shield vanishes after a short time, at which point you're free to DPS Arcanotron fully until it shuts down (continuing to interrupt the Annihilators).

• Try to stay spread out, as Electron will cast Electrical Discharge, which will leap between nearby foes. If you're melee heavy, there's really not much you can do about this, but try your best.

• If you get a debuff called Lightning Conductor, you will pulse with electrical energy and hurt any nearby allies. Get away from everyone else until the debuff fades! Howling Blast, Death Coil, or even bandage yourself while you wait. It lasts 10 seconds.

Electron Shield: Of all the golems, Electron's shield is the most unforgiving. Any hit to the shield causes a significant AoE damage burst to the entire raid, so be EXTRA sure not to hit a shielded Electron. I usually switch off him a little early just to be safe. Remember, diseases already existing on Electron will not trigger this AoE damage, so don't stress out.

Electron Passive Mode: Nothing really different. Stay spread out and watch for Lightning Conductor. Because of how dangerous Electron's shield is, I don't Howling Blast if my target is anywhere near Electron, just to be safe.

• Magmatron will use three big damage moves each Active Phase: Incineration Security Measure (a raid-wide AoE), Acquiring Target / Flamethrower (a flame attack that hits the target and anyone nearby), and a second Incineration Security Measure.

• Our major concern is Flamethrower. Some raids have the targeted person move away from everyone, others have everyone else move away from the target. Regardless of your method, proper preparation helps a lot when handling this attack.

If your group has the targeted person move:
If you get targeted, you don't want to run out of the melee group only to run smack into the ranged and roast them! There's different ways your raid can avoid this, such as having a dedicated "safe" area for targeted people, or being very aware of where all your teammates are. I like to assume I will be targeted and, after Magmatron's first I.S.M., place myself near empty space accordingly. That way, I'm ready to move and already have my route planned. You should never be surprised by Flamethrower.

I'm also a big fan of putting my back to a wall, since I know no one will run into that space without me noticing! That way, if I get targeted I simply sidestep a few paces so the wall is at my back, and the hardest part is done.

In this situation, the wall next to Magmatron is perfect for Flamethrower positioning.

I move into position, and when I get targeted, no one has to move. No panic, no chaos.

If your group moves away from the target:
If this is how your group handles Flamethrower, it's really easy for us! You don't have to worry about where everyone is, or even notice which of your teammates gets targeted. Just stay behind Magmatron. Magmatron always turns to face its Flamethrower target, so as long as you stay on its metal ass, you're good. Unless you get targeted, of course, in which case you just stand there and continue to DPS.

Anti-Magic Shell is a LIFESAVER for Magmatron. It can single-handedly save you if you get targeted for Flamethrower and the healers are busy dodging slimes or are dead or what have you. I always save AMS for Flamethrower, and if I don't get targeted, I use it on the second Incineration Security Measure to help lessen the strain on the healers. As always, Icebound Fortitude and Stoneform are also great for reducing Magmatron's heavy but predictable damage, but I like to save these in case I get targeted during Magmatron's Passive Mode and AMS is still on cooldown.

Magmatron Shield: Magmatron's shield will absorb a certain amount of damage before exploding in a terrible raid-wide AoE, so once again, don't hit it. Theoretically, letting our diseases tick while Magmatron is shielded is bad, since the shield only has a set amount of health. However, our diseases do so little damage it's not something we have to worry about. In other words, if Magmatron's shield breaks, it was because someone else's attacks broke it, not our piddly little diseases.

Magmatron Passive Mode: Magmatron will cast Acquiring Target / Flamethrower once during Passive Mode, so *try* to be prepared for it. Depending on what Omnotron is currently Active, this can be a nightmare, such as if you're dealing with Toxitron slimes or running Lightning Conductor out of the raid. As mentioned above, I like to save Icebound Fortitude for a Passive Mode Flamethrower.

• Toxitron will put down poison gas clouds. Don't stand in them.

• Toxitron will summon three Poison Bombs, which look like little green slimes. As soon as it starts channeling this ability, get away! The slimes will pursue a random target and if they reaches them, will explode for huge, likely-fatal damage. You don't want to be next to them when they appear in case they target you!

Our job here is to quickly kill the slimes before they reach their targets. Chains of Ice is a nice way of slowing them, as is Howling Blast if you're specced into Chilblains. As long as you're not one of the slime targets, you can safely melee them - they only blow up if they reach their targets. Unless someone roots them. Which leads me to this VERY IMPORTANT NOTE. If you have Chilblains DO NOT CHAINS OF ICE, as Chains will root the slimes in place. This will cause them to change their target to anyone nearby, likely blowing up in their face and killing them.

Also, if a slime targets the non-Toxitron tank, kill that slime fast! Anyone else targeted can kite and run away, but the tank cannot since they are busy tanking the other golem. Kill that slime and save them!

Toxitron Shield: Hitting Toxitron while its shield is up will put a small stacking poison DoT on you, but it will also give you a temporary damage buff, so it is *sometimes* worthwhile to hit it once or twice to get the buff as long as your healers can handle the DoT damage. Of course, you may just want to play it safe and not hit it at all.

Toxitron Passive Mode: Toxitron will summon its Poison Bombs again during Passive Mode, so be ready to break off the currently active Omnotron and burn those slimes down fast! Again, your first priority is to not let one catch you, and your second is to kill a slime targeting the active Omnotron's tank.

It all sounds like a lot to absorb, and...well, it is. But it's not so bad once you get used to which Omnotron does what ability.

To summarize:
- Don't hit shields
- Stand in silver puddles, don't stand in green gas
- Kill/kite slimes, especially any targeting a tank
- Make sure Lightning Conductor/Flamethrower targets are isolated
- Use defensive cooldowns to reduce Magmatron's damage, especially Flamethrower
- Interrupt Arcane Annihilators

The Omnotrons can drop the very nice Electron Inductor Coils.

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