How to kill the Conclave of Wind as a Frost DK

The Conclave of Wind is the first encounter in the Throne of the Four Winds. It's a pretty creative fight, involving leaping about to multiple platforms and three bosses that have to die within a minute of each other.

For a Frost DK, it's a relatively straightforward encounter. We don't have any really important tasks in this fight - nothing to kite, nothing to interrupt, etc. We burn down some adds, but so do all the other DPS.

Your special responsibilities:
• Burning down Anshal's plant adds away from your teammates
• Using defensive cooldowns to lessen the Conclave's big attacks

As a melee DPS, we will start on the west platform with Anshal, the healing djinn, and will be leaping to the north platform with Nezir, the ice djinn.

• Move out of green rune circles on the ground (they're huge), as they pacify you.
• When the plant adds spawn, grab one and burn it down away from anyone else. Keep them out of the green circles, which heal them (and again, pacify you.)

The plants have an ability called Toxic Spores, a pulsing AoE/stacking DoT. It's nothing to worry about individually, but if you're getting hit by multiple plants at once, or if Toxic Spores is hitting multiple raid members simultaneously, the damage ramps up quite fast. Resist the urge to Howling Blast them all when they appear! You don't want to have more than 1-2 on you at once.

Once your add(s) are dead, help kill any remaining ones. If it's convenient, I taunt one of the tank's adds away so they don't get any more stacks of Toxic Spores.

• When Anshal's energy reaches ~75, start moving to the wind bridge to transition platforms. (You don't have to click or use anything - simply stand at the edge for a moment and it will whisk you away. Don't leap off!) You may want to set Anshal as your focus for this fight so you can easily track his energy while killing adds. Make sure to leave before Anshal reaches 90 energy, as at that point the bridge will disappear and you'll be stuck! It's better to jump early than linger and mess everything up.

• When you land on Nezir's platform, DO NOT ATTACK HIM. Nezir's tank is about to leave, and if you start attacking Nezir before the new tank arrives (the one who had been tanking Anshal), you'll have aggro and take some big hits. I prefer to just run to the center of the platform and wait for Nezir to teleport back to the middle to start his big AoE attack, Sleet Storm.
• Move out of ice patches immediately.
• While Nezir is casting Sleet Storm on everyone on his platform, burn him down hard! This is a good time to use Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, Stoneform, etc.
• When Sleet Storm ends, switch back to Anshal's platform. Like always, Death Coils and Howling Blasts on the run are an option for extra damage. Be ready for the plant adds soon after you arrive back at Anshal.

That's it! You repeat the Anshal and Nezir phases until Anshal dies, then you switch to Nezir and kill him. Rohash, the wind djinn, has to be DPSed down similarly, but his platform mechanic heavily favors ranged DPS so it's out of your hands.

Some raids kill Anshal and Rohash simultaneously and then all gather to finish off Nezir. We tend to kill Anshal, pop Bloodlust and kill Nezir, then finish off Rohash. Your methods may vary. You'll see in the video below that when we transition to kill Nezir, I leave for Rohash's platform early since we were running short on time and needed as much DPS as we could get on him, as soon as possible.

If you do ever end up on Rohash's platform, he will sometimes shoot out a wall of wind and rotate in a clockwise direction, sweeping people off the edge. Simply rotate ahead of the wind wall to avoid it (much like Glubtok's fire wall in Heroic Deadmines.)

Due to the balancing act required in keeping all three djinn's health at similar levels, your raid leader may ask you to switch targets on the fly to equalize damage. So be ready to hop platforms at a moment's notice! Don't argue, don't question it - if your RL says switch, SWITCH!

Finally, remember that we can actually do moderate DPS on the run/at ranged, unlike most melee. So when you're about to change platforms, feel free to throw Death Coils / Howling Blasts behind you as you go. We've got pretty nice mobile damage for a melee class, so may as well take advantage of it!

The Conclave of Wind drop unusual loot - randomly-statted rings and belts! Unfortunately for us, none of the three types of rings that drop are for us, being either Agility, Intellect or Strength-tank based. What a rip-off!

Meanwhile, the plate belt we're interested in is the Sky Strider Belt, specifically "of the Faultline" (+160 Haste Rating, +160 Mastery Rating) or "of the Landslide" (+160 Hit Rating, +160 Expertise Rating).