Back in business! Now to execute an exit strategy...

Lately in my guild, Xevozz has become something of a mascot.

On our guild application, one of our questions is: "Scenario: We are running Heroic Violet Hold. We end up having to fight Xevozz. Your response is...." This question's purpose is twofold - to show a basic knowledge of a random dungeon boss, but more importantly, it lets us find out if an applicant is just a lazy waste of space...such as "why we doing a herioc there a waste and to simple in the first place" Which was an actual response...

Primed for Acquisition...

Personally, I have always LOVED Xevozz. Firstly, he's an Ethereal, and I LOVE the Ethereals. I am very sad they aren't a playable race, or didn't play a bigger part in WotLK (though being extra-planar merchants/bandits, it does make sense that they only really appear in Outlands). As one of (if not solely) the Ethereals' only representatives in Northrend, I would have liked to see a bit of flavour about Xevozz, maybe a minor quest to kill him that tells you what he did to get locked up.

Secondly, Violet Hold is my favorite Heroic, and until recently Xevozz was the only boss who made things a little interesting/exciting. Back when I started doing Heroics, I remember quite a few wipes at Xevozz's hands as newish tanks attempted to kite a boss for the first time. Heck, my first ever Heroic tanked as a feral druid way back was Violet Hold, and I joked that I'd probably get Xevozz...and sure enough, we did. I quickly learned how hazardous it is to have all your tanking abilities hotkeyed to the same button that moves you backwards...

And lastly? He has some of the best lines ever. The voice acting is awesome - smooth, sinister and calculating...exactly what you'd expect from an arcane profiteer bad enough to get locked up here! And I LOVE how everything he says is finance/business-related, yet doesn't come off as completely hokey or cheesy. I'm also a big fan of how his quotes aren't really aggressive but totally calm and relaxed (like all Ethereals, really), and how in the middle of the fight he's like "ooh, some potential profit nearby, one second guys I need to check this out". So cool. I admit it. I totally have a man-crush on Xevozz.

Anyways, the guild application and the Xevozz question specifically have popped up in guild chat a few times over the last week, and instantly at the mention of his name the chat turns into BACK IN BUSINESS, NOW TO EXECUTE AN EXIT STRATEGY's and BUSINESS CONCLUDED's.

My guild is awesome.


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    I had him AGAIN today. And again the tank didn't kite him. He got his, though - he died and us DPS finished him off!

    August 18, 2010 at 3:26 PM

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    It's nice to see somebody else that doesn't despise Violet Hold. It's one of those heroics that actually has some variety in it with the rotation of bosses.

    I also agree with your standpoint on ethereals. They were a prominent and very cool part of Outland and I certainly missed them in Northrend. At the top of my head there's a quest in dragonblight plus Xevozz to conclude all your ethereals in Wrath.

    August 25, 2010 at 10:53 AM