I am easily distracted

AKA 15 Steps to Accomplishing Nothing

1) Log onto 42 warrior, see that my pocket healer isn't online to run dungeons with. Decide to level her professions instead (Blacksmithing & Jewelcrafting).

2) Remember that Rades should go get his monthly bag of gems from his old Consortium buddies to help the JC grind.

3) Arrive in Nagrand, see that Horde has Halaa so go hand in a bunch of Oshu'gun powder. End up with a few left over, so decide to go kill some ogres to get an even 10 and free up bank space.

4) Get 10 powder, but by then have like 17 Obsidian Warbeads. Since already exalted with Mag'har, go turn them in for Consortium rep. Breathe sigh of relief that inner turmoil of spending the beads on Mag'har or Consortium rep is no longer an issue.

5) Realize that Rades is Revered with Consortium. Decide to get to Exalted for sake of completion, because I am a bit of a perfectionist, and because I am insane.

6) Come to the sad conclusion that killing ogres until ending up with even 10's of both Oshu'gun powder and Obsidian Warbeads will break me like the Lich King broke Saurfang. Decide to grind Consortium rep in Netherstorm instead. Turn in what I have and head to Netherstorm, vowing never to step foot in Nagrand again. (Except to get the monthly bag of gems.)

7) Murder hundreds of Ethereals for their Zaxxis Insignias. Sure enough, not every one of them is wearing one. Cowards!

8) Break up monotony by frequently checking engineering vendors in Area 52 and Stormspire for rare parts. Lament that even though the parts aren't even in high demand anymore, they STILL are never in stock.

9) Remember that Nuramoc spawns in Netherstorm. Spend 15 minutes flying around trying to find it.

10) Find it! /tame Awesome Looking Exotic Pet

11) Murder more Ethereals. Begin inventing games of different ways to chain-kill or mob them.

12) Get bored and fly around aimlessly for half an hour trying to find the Starcraft easter egg. Do not find it.

13) Notice huge amounts of Netherweave in bags. Recall recent tailoring difficulties on Khyron (priest) due to exorbitant costs of Netherweave on the Auction House. Mail priest hundreds of Netherweave.

14) As priest, level tailoring high enough to learn the Northrend tailoring patterns. Spend fourteen hours* converting an entire guild bank tab of frostweave into bolts of frostweave.

15) Realize it's been hours and log off, slightly annoyed at all the diversions, but also satisfied in the end result.

*possibly slight exaggeration

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    You play WoW like I do, or shouldn't, Rades. Sometimes I look at the clock and think, "I've been doing this for HOW long?"

    But congrats on being Exalted with the Consortium! They're one of the most interesting TBC factions. And I had never seen that um... "pet" before? You could scare the heck out of people with that thing in PvP!

    March 4, 2010 at 1:46 PM

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    Thanks Vid! I really do like the Consortium, and grinding the rep + knocking out a few remaining quests of theirs really reminded me of that. I'd take them as the new finance-loving, devious Horde race over goblins any day!

    I do also intend on venturing into battlegrounds a bit with Nuramoc. Hopefully I can scare some unsuspecting Alliance players. ;)

    March 4, 2010 at 2:31 PM