Screenshot Time

I've been cutting back on my WoW time lately, mostly because of the typical end-of-expansion doldrums everyone is talking about, but also because I've been sinking countless hours into Monster Hunter 3 for Wii. When I can tear myself away from it, our raiding is progressing (finally!) nicely, with us downing Putricide and Valithria last week, and this week we took out the Blood Council and Blood Queen.

Here's a few screenshots regarding what else I've been doing ingame lately.

Next week: Sindragosa! Finally, the change for revenge is at hand...sweet, sweet vengeance for the STUPID ANNOYING LOGIN SCREEN ROARING!! Then it's the Lich much as I like Rades the Hallowed I have to admit Kingslayer Rades has a nice ring to it. Should be exciting raiding times ahead!

"Weird, what's with the giant hole after killing Lana'Thel? Oh well, guess it's just a shortcut."
*hops down, starts strolling back to portal*
"OH GOD WHERE ARE ALL THESE ENEMIES COMING FROM, WTF!!!!........oh. Right. Jumped down a hole...without dismissing pet. DAMN YOU BLIZZARD." Truly a humbling experience. At least the other hunter also did the same thing, haha.

You know you're kind of losing interest when...
I wish I could just trade these all in for an insane 500-emblem purchase. Like a gun that shoots Frostmournes.

Engineering technology continues to advance, with the accidental cloning/splicing of engineering vendor Bryan Landers thanks to a wormhole generator mishap. (There were actually two of the same NPC standing there, which was strange and more than a little creepy.)

I came across this NPC on my dwarf DK in Borean Tundra and was immediately fascinated by his unusually burly, uniquely-modeled (?) character model. Seemingly just a random quest-giver, so why the different model? Maybe there's other human NPCs with the same design, I'm not really sure. Regardless, he's way cooler than the regular humans. If I ever made one I'd want to be like this guy.

My first ever achievement while a ghost! Pretty surprising and amusing. (click for fullsize)

BRK is back playing! It might just be for the Cataclysm Alpha, but regardless it's great to read him again. I play on BRK's server (Drenden-US) and being Horde, only met him once in-game before he stopped playing. Unfortunately, it was in Wintergrasp. I was only level 79, saw him, freaked out and did a OMG IT'S BRK! but then before I could /salute or /wave, he got stomped by half a dozen Hordies. (Literally - if you click for the larger version, you can see six other Horde players and only one lone BRK...otherwise we wouldn't have stood a chance.) I took the screenshot anyways, and it turned out to be the first and last time I'd see him and Hobbes in-game. :(

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    Hannah @ Dragons and Whimsy

    Might as well buy some primordial saronites and things to sell with that many unused emblems.

    And I think that character model was supposedly the original human model in the first beta? Not sure, but think I was told that.

    May 27, 2010 at 12:05 PM

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    WTF, you're on Drenden?!?!

    I'm on Drenden! Now I'm curious if I've come up against you in Wintergrasp or any of the BGs...

    May 27, 2010 at 12:47 PM

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    @Jaedia - I could buy Primordials, but it keeps dropping in price so I always think I should just buy them instead and not "waste" the frost on them. I'll probably end up doing that and getting the crafted boots for my druid though.

    @Keredria - Yeah Drenden! It's possible we've battled in Wintergrasp, though I tend to not go after trees when on my hunter...too annoying to try to brute force overpower healers, lol. I like nice helpless rogues. ;D If I ever see you ingame I'll be sure to wave!

    May 28, 2010 at 2:49 PM