Some nice Children's Week karma!

Last week I wrote a post about why I love Children's Week, and in an ironic twist, I got the chance this year to repay some Children's Week karma!

I was eyeing up some BoE upgrades on the AH, including the drool-worthy Wodin's Lucky Necklace, but just couldn't bear to spend that much on a single item. A friend invited me to an ICC25 pug, and I had just joined and started to help find a few more people when one of the guildies I had met during Children's Week / UP last year whispered me, asking if I had a minute to help some other guildies get their Ymiron kill achievement. They'd wiped on Skadi a few times, lost a DPS, and were getting desperate (it was also the last day to get it done.) I said yeah, told the pug leader I'd be back in time for Marrowgar (I've ran a bunch with him so he knew I wasn't going to flake out or anything) and zipped over to Utgarde Pinnacle - engineering teleporter FTW.

I find out as we run in that they'd wiped on Skadi SIX times. Hmm. I didn't really know why this would be - there was a decently-geared pugged tree healer, and another guildie of ours who is fairly new to running things...and Skadi is pretty unforgiving to people who don't know the fight...but six wipes?? (the other two members were a pally tank and hunter from my guild who are quite skilled.)

It was kind of a gong show right off the start. Our newbie guildie had rez sickness, and had gotten lost and was in UK. Eventually we just summoned him after a few minutes of /flail, and thankfully his rez sickness was just wearing off when we reached Skadi's room. As we were running in, I noticed our druid was in Dalaran. Asked if he was coming...silence. Again - more silence. He did show up a minute later but still, I was a little wary how this would go.

Our guild leader, the other hunter, was very annoyed in guild chat about the tree - and from the sounds of it, I can't really blame her. Seems that the healer was just dropping the ball everywhere. Standing in fire, standing in whirlwind, failing at healing, etc. I did my best to neutrally go over the boss strat without calling anyone out, and even marked myself so everyone could just stand on me to avoid the fire and whirlwind (DPS were 2 hunters and a mage).

As we started the event, the tree spoke up for the first time: "Hey guys I'm healing now, I was letting my ten year old son play."

A few seconds of silence in gchat before: OMFG /cue explosive rage

Note to parents with children who want to try the game. Don't let them try it for the first time in a dungeon where your actions hurt other players. Don't let them try it as a HEALER. And most of all DON'T DO IT WITHOUT TELLING THE OTHERS YOU'RE GROUPED WITH.

Anyways. Skadi went down, we blazed through the rest and killed Ymiron and everyone got their orphan achievements, I instantly accepted a lock summon to Marrowgar, and we one-shot everything up to Festergut. And I won some bracers with a roll of 98, and then a short time later, won WODIN'S LUCKY NECKLACE. With a roll of 99! (I passed the bracers on to another hunter, who was super surprised and grateful.)

Sure, helping out some friends with Children's Week probably had nothing to do with my winning the necklace, but I like to think positive karma played a hand. ;)

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    Wow. That is incredibly irresponsible!

    I ... ye gods ... *boggle*.

    May 19, 2010 at 7:33 AM