So I guess there's some Cataclysm news

The recent stir of Cataclysm updates & news is, like usual, sending everyone into a theorycrafting and speculation frenzy. The most recent news is about dispelling and what each class will or won't be able to dispel. Lissanna, Matticus and Keeva have posted some great analytical examinations of what these changes will mean for people.

However, I find myself completely uninterested by these changes. Because they're just changes. Just like stat reallocation/simplification on armor and tinkering with what effect +Spirit will have on different caster classes. Sure, these changes will slightly change the way I play my resto druid and priest, but for the most part it's pretty minor. I'll still be a tree, I'll still throw HoTs, I'll still wear leather.

Another major, major reason I can't really bring myself to care about these little changes is because of - in my opinion - the biggest pending change in the entire expansion: hunters no longer using mana. Not only is this a complete re-invention of the entire class in every spec and build, but it will also make the entire hunter playerbase relearn and readjust to the new mechanics. To me, all the other changes and updates are inconsequential compared to this one.

Will it be like playing a rogue? Basic logic would say yes, what with the regenerating focus bar, but I hope not. I've tried three or four different times to make a rogue, because I love the fantasy image of the stealthy, dual-wielding rogue. But I always end up deleting them around level 15. I just really dislike how the class mechanics feel, and I hate how as a rogue you are restricted to a finite yet replenishing resource. Mana (on any class) FEELS right, like any other RPG - start full, and use it all up to do stuff! Rogues and their inherent limiter always felt awkward and robotic. If hunters end up just feeling like ranged rogues...well, maybe I'll start focusing on a new favorite class.

I'm still rolling a goblin hunter as soon as Cataclysm is released, though. (Engineer, of course.) I can't wait for rocket belt forward-propulsion mixed with reverse-Disengaging. Oh, the endless PVP possibilities... >:D