Where's an anvil when you need one?

I was invited to a fresh ICC10 run by the same skilled guild I ran with a few weeks back where we downed to and including Festergut - but this time as Rades. I'm pretty good friends with the other hunter in the group, and he's been running ICC pretty regularly - so regularly that I basically had sole rights to any hunter loot. Pretty nice setup!

It was an AWESOME night. We one-shot everything in the first wing, and Festergut, no sweat. Sure, the 5% buff we have now (Hellscream's roar, or something) undoubtedly helps. But we were running like clockwork.

Marrowgar was cake and surrendered the Shawl of Nerubian Silk, a very nice upgrade over Shawl of the Shattered Giant. Then we demolished Deathwhisper, and could have broken her shield an entire add rotation early, but decided to play it safe. She dropped the awesome Njordnar Bone Bow, which the other hunter already had, so it was mine! Super pumped about this...I'd been craving it ever since I first saw someone walking around with it.



A quick Jeeves later got me the saronite bars and twilight opals to make a Heartseeker Scope, so I warped back to all the Ashen Verdict guys to quickly make one...where I found out that there was no anvil there. Yep, despite multiple NPC's HAMMERING AWAY ON ANVILS there were none I could use.

The gunship battle was great fun like it always is, and inside the chest were Pauldrons of Lost Hope. I didn't need them, as I had already bought the t10 shoulders, but no one else wanted them either, so they went to me in case I end up switching some pieces around in the future.

Saurfang also went down smoothly...my hunter friend and I managed the blood beast kiting pretty well, and he only got one Mark of the Fallen Champion off before croaking. Saurfang's Cold-Forged Band dropped, but both my rings were already ilvl 251 so I passed.

More importantly, after Saurfang is killed some random merchant and a blacksmith show up and make themselves at home on the platform - a blacksmith WITH AN ANVIL!!

(I wasn't using a bear for the raid, I just had it out to check something else.)

After that it was into the Plagueworks, where I experimented to see if Deterrence would prevent the icy steam damage. It doesn't, but thanks to rocket boots I made it through without dying. Taking out Stinky and Precious gave me enough Ashen Verdict rep to upgrade my ring, AND BUY THE ENGINEERING AMMO SCHEMATIC...but I didn't do that yet. No rush. Festergut went down without a fuss, and dropped the hilariously named Abracadaver.


All in all, an amazing, fun night - no wipes, barely any deaths, something like THREE epic BOE items dropped, and I got some great upgrades.

Overall DPS:

Note about this overall Recount list. Yes, it was with the 5% raidwide damage buff...HOWEVER it was also WITHOUT the 5% damage buff from Improved Tracking because...I'm an idiot.

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    Rades, this killed me. The series of angry caps "NOT AN ANVIL" shots followed by an exultant Rades having finally found his anvil. Congrats on all the loot, and it sounds like you had a blast besides!

    I use Abracadaver, the little undead thing it summons is actually kind of hilarious. He doesn't do much in the way of DPS but he does shuffle around and look impressive. I think he as a little (har) Napoleon syndrome going on.

    March 3, 2010 at 8:58 AM

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    Thanks Vid! Yeah it was pretty funny, in a dryly ironic way. The undead guy sounds fun, I've never actually seen it in game. I would probably panic when seeing it like I did the first time I saw Nibelung's proc.

    March 3, 2010 at 9:50 AM