So like many others, I've joined Single Abstract Noun, a brilliant WoW-bloggers guild/community originally devised (I think) by Tamarind. It's been great fun meeting and chatting with everyone - there's always tons of people online, and the guild chat is overflowing with knowledge and friendliness.

I rolled on US-side, which means I have to be...Alliance!

I wasn't sure what to make at first...should I step away from my usual norms? I knew I wasn't making a night elf druid, since I cannot STAND the male nelf characters. Ugliest models ever. Having no other real inclination, I decided to go with the oddball...a dwarf rogue. Hence was born THE UGLIEST DWARF EVER (T.U.D.E.)

Seriously, you haven't known terror until you've gazed into these unblinking eyes.


I got him to about level 6 before I started remembering my utter hatred for rogues, so I put him on the backburner and rolled up a Draenei warrior named Armyknife. This went much smoother, and I began really enjoying the Draenei starting zone. Thus did T.U.D.E. get relegated to bank-alt duty, where he dutifully scraped together enough copper pieces (aka, sold his pants and knives) to buy some cheap greens, learn enchanting, disenchant them, and make about 25 silver. From there I was able to turn it into about 20 gold.

Sadly, fate did not shine kindly on T.U.D.E., as I had used my main name Rades for him. When I decided I needed to start shooting stuff again, the rogue went kaput and was born again as a more normal looking dwarf hunter. Farewell T.U.D.E., your days of terrorizing hapless Troggs and wolves were short but hilarious.

It certainly has been interesting leveling a lowbie hunter without a pet. Lots of kiting and jump-shot practice. I do look forward to when I can venture over to Elwynn Forest and tame Princess, a golden boar, one of only three mobs in the game with that skin. A golden boar was my very first hunter pet back on Dentarg, and he served me faithfully for many levels, all the way until they revised the pet skills and boars became...well, terrible. But now I can have him again!

Right now though, Rades 2.0 is perched atop an ice troll cave in Dun Morogh, wondering how he is going to fully explore the cave for a quest when he regrettably has ran out of bullets.

It's hard being a lowbie.

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    Dwarves are AWESOME. Even if they sound like Borat at times :D

    March 12, 2010 at 4:24 PM