Battleground marks = Worthless

Just learned today that after 3.3.3. hits, Battleground Marks will not be worth the 2000 honor that Blizzard originally had on the PTR, but instead a measly, paltry 185 honor each. This is BRUTAL, and makes them essentially worthless. 185 honor is currently about what you get for three honorable kills, which is what, 0.7 seconds in Wintergrasp? What a great exchange for a battleground mark that took 20 minutes to earn in a tough Alterac Valley loss!

A PVP mount currently costs 30 Warsong Gulch marks, 30 Arathi Basin marks, and 30 Alterac Valley marks. 90 marks total. After the patch the mounts will cost a flat 50k honor, but those 90 marks? Now worth only 16,500 honor. EPIC MATH FAIL.

A 10k honor epic gem will equal 54 marks, which at best is 18 battleground victories. Ridiculous!

Having a full 100 marks for any one Battleground will be worth 18,500 honor. That won't even be enough to buy some of the level 60 legacy PVP weapons. Level 60 Legacy weapons! Yes, you may be the most experienced Arathi Basin assassin ever and have every single AB mark that you can possibly hold...but you still won't be able to afford a weapon that hasn't been useful since Burning Crusade launched THREE YEARS AGO.

Having a full 100 marks in each of the six Battlegrounds will be worth 111,000 honor. This works out to just over two PVP mounts (currently costing only 180 marks), or about two pieces of endgame PVP gear. Even if you won 100% of your battlegrounds (impossible), that would be 33 matches in each Battleground. 33 matches x 6 Battlegrounds = 198 matches. Let's go even further out on a limb and also assume that in addition to your 100% win rate, your battlegrounds miraculously only take 10 minutes apiece. That would be 1,980 minutes, or 33 HOURS.

I know the original 2000 honor per mark was a bit much, but this seems way too extreme in the opposite direction. I would suggest a flat 550 honor per mark, thus keeping very closely to the PVP mount scale (90 marks at 550 each would equal 49,500 honor.). As it stands now, I'd rather waste the marks on vanity items like tabards or PVP mounts, or even just keep them as souvenirs, rather than trade them in for these pathetic table scraps.

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    I agree, Rades. I've been sitting on a pile of marks thinking that someday I might try to get the PvP mounts - now I'll be able to do so with stockpiled honour, and that's nice, but... really? All those hours I spent slogging through AV, that's the net sum of their worth? Seems pretty paltry to me. I hope they re-evaluate it before the patch drops.

    March 18, 2010 at 2:54 PM