Two pieces of T10

Yesterday I finished my daily heroic and checked my Frost emblems, which were sitting at 58.  I got all excited about the prospect of finally getting my SEXY BEAST MASTERY 2PC BONUS today, and started checking out the various pieces in the Dalaran leather/mail shop. On the way back to the bank, a quest hand-in ? popped up on the map.

It was for the weekly raid. Which I had done before raid reset Monday night.

Which means I had 5 more frost emblems waiting for me! I actually could have had the set bonus two days ago!!


Minutes later, proud owner of the t10 hunter shoulders! This also meant I could switch out my t9 gloves for the gloves I had one in ICC10, while keeping the t9 chest and legs for the (miserably, but still bonus) 2pc t9 bonus. Yay Serpent Sting crits...way to contribute 1% of my dps.