Love is in the Air bosses

With the Love is in the Air seasonal event currently happening, the 3 new bosses in SFK were fun to experiment and try. The first night I grabbed two brave guildies to venture in and see what they can do. I say brave, because it was just us 3.

As it turned out, we did fine. It took a little time to down all 3 bosses but it was pretty simple once we worked out their patterns. The key, we realized, was tanking the two aura bosses away from each other so that their cone spray attacks never overlapped. This essentially nullified ALL the damage these two bosses dealt so we only had to worry about the gas clouds being tossed around. We then just killed the gas-tossing boss first, and once he was down it was essentially a damage-free fight after that.

We had our tank wear pink and grab the pink, initially-active boss (Hummel) and drag him by the stables entrance. Then the hunter wore green and aggro'd the green boss (Baxter) when he activated, and pulled him back as close to the entry stairs as possible while still being in range of the action. He then just ignored Baxter and DPS'd the gas-tossing boss, Frye. Once Frye was dead the hunter switched DPS to Hummel and he and the tank finished him off. Tank switched to green cologne, picked up Baxter so the hunter could shoot him, and that was that.

On our second attempt the hunter DC'd and died in gas, and we still successfully TWO-manned it. I picked up Baxter and just soaked his pitiful melee hits, while slowly burning down Frye with wrathspam. It took a long, long time, and I am sure my druid's seemingly endless mana supply helped a lot. But as a fully-resto druid with limited damage spells at my takes a long, long time to wear down the 3 bosses. Be warned.

Regarding Melee:
Our only DPS was ranged, so his color didn't really matter as long as he dodged gas. I can't imagine it would be much more difficult for melee though - use any color while DPSing Frye, and just use the appropriate color when DPSing Hummel and Baxter.

Regarding Hunters:
Afterwards we switched characters and did it again, again with a tank, healer and myself as hunter. One terrible, terrible realization as a hunter - gas clouds don't count as aoe damage. Which means that your pet will die, shockingly fast, unless you take meticulous care to recall and position it so that it isn't touching gas. Very sad.  :(  Also, we found it easier to let the healer simply tank Baxter, as healing aggro will keep his attention adequately and free the hunter up for full DPS on Frye.

One thing hunters can do to help though, is keeping an explosive trap down in the middle of the courtyard. The kamikaze exploding apothecaries can deal some decent damage when they explode, but more often than not they'll croak from the trap's fire damage, making the healer's job easier.

Overall, a fun, chaotic event. DEFINITELY more challenging than the Headless Horseman or Coren Direbrew, but simple once you get the hang of it. Some nice loot too, especially for new 80's, plus some vanity stuff like an awesome gas mask and a little ooze pet, which dropped and I won!  I've read that it consumes critters and grows larger, which is INCREDIBLY COOL.