More Icecrown Citadel success

Immediately upon logging in tonight, I saw calls going out over chat looking for ranged DPS for VOA25. After signing up I saw with delight that I was the only hunter! Sadly, no hunter loot dropped from either Toravon or Koralon. I had no sooner got back to Dalaran when I saw someone else looking for ranged DPS, this time for VOA10. I was soon back in the Vault, again as the sole hunter! And again, no hunter loot dropped. Sigh.

However, this latest group were mostly from the same guild, and they invited us to come do ICC10 with them. Only hunter you say? Sole dibs on the Njordnar Bone Bow if it were to drop, you say? Definitely in.

The group was fun and light, but clearly not people who were hardcore raiders, as compared to the very experienced people Mardak had ran with yesterday. And we had a few wipes. Okay, we had a lot of wipes. But in the end, we downed Marrowgar (2 wipes), Deathwhisper (2 wipes), the Gunship (1 wipe), and Saurfang (2 wipes). So yeah, lots of wipes but Rades finally finished off the first wing, and also got some nice achievements in the process!

The bow, of course, did not drop. But I did pick up a nice one-handed axe, the Frost Giant's Cleaver! Looks pretty great, and now begins the complicated comparisons with the various daggers and axes I can get from the Icecrown heroic 5-mans.

The Saurfang fight was also incredible fun as a hunter. I love the added responsibility of kiting/slowing/distracting the blood beasts. Me and a warlock eventually had our side down to a science. The beast would appear, I'd taunt it into a frost trap, and we would both start blowing it up. Soon the warlock would pull threat on it so it'd head in his direction, a few seconds later I'd taunt it back towards me, then when it started getting near I'd feign, bouncing it back to him again. Sometimes we didn't need to play aggro ping-pong with it, sometimes we did. Regardless, it worked like a charm.

We poked our heads into the second wing and had some fun playing with the trash and reacting to all the things they did. Again, where as yesterday's group knew all the strategies and blew through all the trash, this group reacted completely the opposite. We were freaking out about Precious' Decimate and screaming about the hordes of zombies that came when you triggered the traps, all the while discussing how exactly we were going to do our weekly ICC quest Residue Rendezvous. This actually is deserving of its own post which I will write later.

Overall another great surprise raiding night! I wonder if this is what it feels like to be in a raiding guild?

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    Congrats on all of the achievements!
    ...That bow dropped yesterday, and I had to disenchant it. Same with the axe! I wish it would've dropped for you instead. Ah well, another time hopefully!

    February 18, 2010 at 10:58 AM