Festergut Down!

Got invited by a friend to step into ICC10 again last night, full guild run (plus me). To my delight, we one-shot everything - Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, the Gunship, and Saurfang, and we even finished the weekly ICC quest AND got the achievement on Saurfang for not allowing lots of marks! Nothing dropped for Mardak resto-wise, but he did get Scourge Stranglers, some great agi leather since we had no rogues or feral druids...so maybe I'll give bear tanking another try?

The weekly raid quest was also interesting - we had to keep a specific add on Deathwhisper alive through the end of the fight. The plan was to have the boomkin keep him rooted safely away from everyone, but when the boomkin went down I stepped in and continued to raid-heal AND keep him rooted while we finished off the most annoying lich ever! Pretty exciting personal moment for me.

I also got my Ashen Verdict honored reputation rep ring! Now if only Mardak were the one with engineering to learn the epic ammo schematics...

The Gunship was a blast as usual, and a breeze. Even Saurfang keeled over with little fuss. We had a team of a hunter and boomkin on one side of the platform, and a shadow priest and...something else on the other, and slowed the beasts with mind flay and frost traps. It worked amazingly well.

We continued on and took out both the decimating dogs without any issue, and proceeded to one-shot Festergut as well, much to my amazement (considering I'd never seen him before). Then again, his mechanics are pretty simple, and we had a nice system of 1 healer (me) and 2 ranged dps at back, everyone else in close, and the back people would simply collapse into the middle person (me) when we got the gas cloud debuff. Worked like a charm, no deaths again!

Afterwards they wanted to head into Trial of the Grand Crusader, so I tagged along. It was here we had our first wipes - twice on the Twin Jormungar. The first time the tanks weren't sure who was grabbing which one, and the second was just bad luck on the paralytic poison / burning debuffs. The next try was the charm, and we destroyed them. No one got hit by Icehowl either, despite the lack of a speed buff, so that was nice.

We finished off the night by taking out Jaraxxus too, and judging from the cautious and careful instructions going out over vent, DPS timing was key. Healing was much easier, just the usual stuff...pretty straightforward on Jaraxxus. Some leather spellpower shoulders dropped, no one else wanted them so I took theem - even if I don't end up using them they're my first piece of Heroic gear so that's exciting.

Overall an awesome night!