Oculus and the Blue Drake

This is amusing. Oculus is so despised that despite them nerfing it HARD (and it is incredibly nerfed now) that Blizzard has been forced to offer bonus rewards for completing it if it's your random Heroic. Extra triumph badges and a chance at Reins of the Blue Drake.

It's kind of sad that it's come to this. I mean, it's not hard at all anymore, barring stupid mistakes like pulling the final boss while the only green drake rider is dismounted, buffing the other drakes. This has happened to me, and though Eregos demolished us, I did at least get a funny screenshot out of it.

That being said, I still loathe it. It's annoying for a number of reasons.
- It's lame to not use your abilities but some boring, arbitrary vehicle buttons
- It's always, ALWAYS annoying figuring out where everyone is going upon first mounting up, and which enemy drakes to kill
- Sometimes players haven't done the instance before and don't know how to properly use their drakes

The only good thing about Oculus is that you can take a different drake than your character "role". I find the green and red drakes both very easy to use, so regardless if I'm DPSing or healing, I'll volunteer to take those drakes if others are uneasy about using them.

As for the Blue Drake...personally? I'm not interested at all. Mardak would never ride it (Swift Flight Form ftw!) and Rades would rather ride his much cooler, non-asparagus-tailed Blue Proto-Drake.