Marrowgar downed again?!

This week's weekly raid was Marrowgar! Sadly this means that most of my guildies wouldn't be able to do it (not geared enough and not experienced in raiding yet).

On the flip side, it means more groups forming to kill him! Mardak joined a PUG raid yesterday with a few people from our run a few days ago (we never did go back and down Saurfang. /sad) and we proceeded to one-shot Mr. BONE STORRRRRRM in a pretty easy fight. Granted, it's a pretty easy fight, but everyone did their jobs perfectly - quick bone spike killing, no one standing in fire too long, and great DPS.

We did have one scary moment while clearing trash - one of our 3 healers had gone back to Dal for supplies, and we accidentally pulled two groups. The other healer and myself blew everything we had and only one player ended up dying, which I would consider pretty damn good.

Also, not sure if this is normal but we didn't find ANY traps until all the trash was dead and we were walking up to Marrowgar's room. We then triggered two at once (!) and someone running back to buy their Ashen Verdict ring set off another in the previous room that we had somehow missed. Very strange.

It was late, but we figured we'd try Lady Deathwhisper while we were there. We wiped twice, but probably at least half the group hadn't done the fight before. The first wipe was pretty messy, but the second attempt we had her to phase 2, but just slowly died as the ghosts wreaked havoc. We did quite well, but called it after that with tentative plans to continue tonight.

Marrowgar surrendered Linked Scourge Vertebrae, which killed me inside - it's a great belt, Rades' belt is waaaay overdue for an upgrade, and the only hunter in the group already had it. So my brother Nharzul, a shaman, grabbed it for possible enhancement spec in the future.

The other drop was Sliver of Pure Ice again, but I rolled pathetically and lost it again. Oh well.