Heroic achievements

I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. Rades, my hunter, has always been my "main" in terms of most things in-game involving effort, such as achievements. I do all the seasonal events as him and get the titles, sometimes go achievement hunting when I'm bored, and like getting his achievement points up. On the other hand, I could care less about achievements/titles on my druid (with the exception of getting Merrymaker with him so his name can be Merrymaker Mardak, which I like.)

The problem is...it's so much easier to get heroic achievements as Mardak, since so many of them are heavily reliant on the tank and healer. As a healer, I have no problem attempting or even suggesting we try for achievements as I don't mind the extra responsibility, and I am pretty confident in my healing. But I usually don't bring achievements up when running with a healer or tank I don't know, as some of them are quite hard and I don't want them to feel pressured into saying yes, only to fail and then feel bad about it.

A perfect example of this would be Chaos Theory, which you get by killing Anomalus in Nexus without killing any Chaotic Rifts. I got this in an all-stranger PUG pre-3.3, as Mardak.

Now, there's various strategies involving kiting the boss or using dampen magic to lessen the constant incoming damage. However, this was an impromptu attempt, and we didn't research it or anything - we simply used brute force. I healed us through all the massive escalating damage and we just soaked it all.

It was intense - my screen was literally covered in incoming damage numbers and arcane missiles flying around, and I started getting framerate issues near the end. One person ended up dying when the boss was at 10% health but we finished him off and got the achievement. It was super fun and exciting, but at the same time, I would never ask that of a healer I don't know, simply because it's so damn hard.

This all came to mind because we ran Halls of Stone yesterday, and decided to try for Abuse the Ooze. It's actually an uncommon one to get since you can't get it by accident, much like Chaos Theory - you need a little pre-planning and strategy. It's straightforward and pretty easy, but it still relies on the longevity of the tank and healer. Everything went smoothly and we got it with no difficulties, but it still made me a little sad inside that Mardak had all these hard-to-get achievements and my actual achievement-seeking character did not.