More Patch Goodness

3.3 continues to treat me right in every way. I perused the loot tables for the new 5-mans before the weekend to figure out my most desired upgrades, on heroic and regular. I figured I would get the heroic upgrades eventually, but decided to farm the regular ones and get those upgrades right away.  As it turns out, pretty much every time I run one of the new ones I get an upgrade.

My druid now needs nothing off regular, which is nice because one of the upgrades was Ice-Steeped Sandals, a cloth drop from Garfrost (Pit of Saron). As a leather-wearing druid, I wouldn't have been able to Need it, and since I'm an enchanter I would be rolling Greed against others rolling Disenchant. I didn't fret about it and just decided to keep running it until I eventually won the Greed roll. Had I been running with guildies, I of course would have asked them to pass on the drop in advance, but since I was random-pugging it I didn't feel like asking that of strangers. I figured that even though I wasn't getting anything else useful (well, except Triumph emblems) I was happy to help others through it. At least, that was my plan until I won the upgrade on my next time through.

My hunter has had similarly outstanding luck, winning the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion off the Devourer of Souls (heroic Forge of Souls) on his very first try, much to the sadness of the druid who announced 0.3 seconds into the run that he would be rolling on it (he was the healer).  A nice upgrade over Coren's Chromium Coaster. Over the weekend I also got two more pieces of the T9 set and the drool-worthy 4-piece set bonus, Tower of the Mouldering Corpse (which is sitting in my bank in case I need a lot of hit in the future) and a new ranged weapon - Crypt Fiend Slayer, a bow! My first time using a bow since probably level 70. Time to go grind up my bow skill.

Finally, I'm still a little leery about heroic Halls of Reflection. I ran it a few times on regular as both druid and hunter, and even on regular it can be iffy. It seems like most people have learned of the "hide in the side room" technique for the first part, but the tank really needs to be capable to pickup the aggro before the healer gets mushed. Same with the final waves during the escaping phase. I think I'll hold off running this as my druid unless I'm running with a tank I know and can trust. My hunter should be fine since I'll be able to assist the tank with misdirect.

Also regarding heroics, I've ran heroic Pit of Saron and Forge of Souls a bunch, and have yet to see a Battered Hilt drop.

In sour news, I received an invite from a person I've raided with occasionally last night to head into Icecrown Citadel and farm trash to earn Ashen Verdict reputation.  I eagerly accepted as Rades, since as an engineer, Ashen Verdict rep = New Epic Ammo! I geared up, zoned in, and was waiting for the stragglers to show up when -

Power failure.

EPIC power failure.  Looking outside, the entire neighbourhood was dark and lifeless.  The worst part is, before the power failure the person who invited me told me that something about rep earning was being hotfixed Monday, so I may have missed my chance to get easy rep...or something?  I'm not sure what exactly was being hotfixed but regardless, sounds like I missed out.