3.3 for Hunters, aka I LOVE THE NEW MISDIRECT

As a hunter, I love this patch. The pet changes are intriguing, especially for BM, and I'm going to have to level up a Cunning pet to test the Wolverine Bite possibilities. The new ammo...well, I'm disappointed you can't earn Ashen Verdict outside of raids, since I'm not in a raiding group. Saw someone with the new bear spirit beast, and it looks great! Will have to go searching for it soon.

The best change though in my opinion is the change to misdirect. Firstly, it's very nice not having to worry about properly using all 3 of your misdirect shots. But secondly, and especially in the new instances, being able to establish aggro for your tank on multiple adds they haven't yet touched is EXTREMELY valuable.

A specific example - Halls of Reflection, "Escape from Arthas" part. On the very last wave of adds before finishing the instance, the mobs are staggered instead of coming all at once. So far, this has always caused a great deal of grief for our tank, as consecrate was on cooldown (dropped it to grab the initial mobs), he was low on mana (just from the gauntlet altogether), and he was preoccupied fighting 3-4 mobs in a narrow, tight tunnel. I know from experience that these new mobs are heading straight for the healer, since they have healing aggro and the tank has none. A misdirect/volley on top of the new adds sends them right to the tank and solves everything.

Misdirect also does wonder for aggro control earlier in the instance during the waves of adds in Frostmourne's room. The method we eventually developed for this fight was having the tank stand in the entrance and grabbing the melee spirits. Everyone else would stand out of sight to the sides, and join in once the tank had aggro. The ranged spirits (mages, riflemen) would shoot a few times at the tank, but then aggro the healer. This was good, because since they couldn't see the healer, they would run over and get into melee range. The only snag was when the tank didn't pick them both up fast enough, which usually resulted in a very dead healer. The solution? Misdirect-Volley on the entrance as the mages/riflemen ran in, immediately switching their aggro target to the tank.

This isn't exactly rocket science, but I am amazed at just what a difference threat redirection has been for us (Tricks of the Trade is similarly valuable). It seems like misdirect has gone from being a useful tool to help tanks establish initial aggro, to an integral part of the pull. And I love it.