Azeroth shocked to learn Paladin order hall underground lighting is actually just spare Naaru

For months now, visitors to the Paladin order hall have wondered just how the Silver Hand managed to have sunlight shining through the hall's enormous stained glass windows when the entire sanctum was located underground, beneath Light's Hope Chapel.

Yesterday, the world learned the secret: spare Naaru.

"What, you thought we called them chandeliers just as a joke?" said Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, laughing, when asked about the situation.

"It's really a beneficial setup for everyone involved," explained Tyrosus, opening a secret hatch behind one of the hall's windows, revealing the Naaru within. "After all, there's more of these things than we can shake an Ashbringer at, so we figured, hey, they may as well make themselves useful, right?"

"Besides, just between us, it was actually getting kinda tiresome trying to tell them apart. I think this one back here's, uh, F'ubu? H'ulu? Pikachu? I dunno."

When asked if these Naaru were now illuminating the hall constantly, Tyrosus shook his head.

"No, no, we give 'em breaks every now and then, have them go dark and take it easy for a while. And yeah, sure, some people believe it's like, rare or something for a Naaru to go dark, but let's face it -- these things go dark all the freaking time."