Lord Afrasastrasz calls Alexstrasza & Lirastrasza bitches, gets kicked out of Red Dragonflight

Lord Afrasastrasz, former Commander of the Wyrmrest Temple Defenses, has been kicked out of the Red Dragonflight after drunkenly insulting Alexstrasza and Lirastrasza.

According to eyewitness reports, Alexstrasza and Lirastrasza had just finished meeting with some of Azeroth's mortal races, where they had adopted their customary elven forms. While awaiting the ship that would take them back to Northrend, the two disguised red dragons were quite shocked when Lord Afrasastrasz -- also in his mortal form -- stumbled up behind them and began verbally harassing them.

"I'd never work with you bitches if I got the chance!" slurred Afrasastrasz at the astonished female dragons, after noticing their Wyrmrest Accord garb. "Do you know who I am??"

"We certainly do," bellowed Alexstrasza, transforming back into her draconic form, towering over the shocked and surprised male. "And do you know who I am, Afrasastrasz?!" The Life-Binder then spent the next ten minutes berating the disgraced Commander, before banishing him from the Red Dragonflight on account of being a miserable embarrassment to his flight.

A contrite Afrasastrasz issued a statement the next morning, after spending the night on Ferithos' couch.

"I'm so very sorry! No excuses," said the humiliated male. "Not the dragon I want to be or want my kids to be. Raised by Mom, 3 sisters. Ashamed of my words."

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    Maybe it's time for him and Samwise to go work for Pardo.

    October 9, 2016 at 3:09 PM