Minipost: My headcanon about realm merges

Every time Blizzard announces their latest batch of realm merges, I always take a look to see which servers were selected. Unlike most of the people in my guild, I'm actually not eager to have Drenden be merged with another realm - I know Drenden has no economy to speak of and a very sparsely-populated world, but I like it that way! I'm comfortable financially (I always maintain you can make money here if you know how) and I like low competition for rare spawns, quest mobs, etc.

No, I always check the merges because I take great amusement out of imagining a literal combination of the lore entities involved. And I don't mean like, "oh look they're combining Rexxar and Misha, that's great!" or "They're merging Khadgar and Alleria! What will Turaylon think??" I mean taking (for example) Rexxar and literally combining him with Misha, to create a vicious half-Mok'Nathal, half-bear hybrid! Or say, Eonar/Velen, for an amazing Titan/draenei elder protector of life, master of both nature and divine magic!

It's funny to picture (and sometimes horrifying (picture the Hydraxis/Terenas hybrid), and I also like it because sometimes it makes me quiz myself about who or what a server is named after - there's some pretty obscure people and places that have had a realm named after them! I mean, my own server, Drenden, is named after a Kirin Tor wizard who shows up very briefly in a few stories, and whose biggest claim to fame is that he wasn't important enough in any story to do anything, or be killed. /golfclap

It works for double location combinations, too! Azjol-Nerub/Khaz Modan? Did the dwarves delve too deep, and end up in the ancient nerubian halls? Area 52/Un'goro (EU servers), for a goblin-industrialized, mechanized jungle?

Of course, the more servers involved, the more bizarre the combinations become. Nesingwary/Vek'nilash/Nazgrel? A...safari hunter, qiraji emperor, commander/advisor to Thrall? Or my personal favorite: a draconic, demonic beast with spider legs and two heads, one troll and one ogre, who's racist against elves.

Yeah. Enjoy that one. (Garithos/Chromaggus/Anub'arak/Smolderthorn/Nathrezim/Crushridge).

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    I'm on Kirin Tor, and we're merging with Steamwheedle Cartel .... what were they THINKING! Now the Goblins are in charge of managing the most powerful mages on Azeroth?

    Either everything will be exploding in very short order, or we should be preparing to welcome our new tiny green overlords.

    Probably both.

    January 27, 2014 at 3:35 AM

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    What about when they merge place-named servers? Like, er, Outland and Draenor?

    Or how about The Maelstrom and ... Deathwing?

    January 27, 2014 at 4:20 AM