Minipost: My favorite Treasure Trove chest locations

One of my favorite weekly rituals is running around the Isle of Thunder finding my Trove of the Thunder King for the week. It's not even really the contents that appeal to me - woo, more ritual stones and Elder Charms - but just the thrill of the hunt, of finding TREASURE.

Over the last few weeks, I tend to check certain areas more than others where I've had repeat success finding chests. Here's some of my favorite locations.

Outside the Lightning Mine, by Backbreaker Uru

This is the only chest location that's running 100% success for me. It's all the way through the Lightning Vein Mine, out back by the big statue. It makes sense why this one is always around, given what a huge pain in the ass fighting through the mine can be. But you can reach this back area very easily by swimming up the coast to reach it - it's a short swim, or you could obviously use Water Walking, Path of Frost or a Water Strider mount to make the trip even faster.

Just inside the back entrance to the Lightning Mine

Did you just check for the chest mentioned above, and find nothing? Well, turn around and take a few steps into the mine. I've found this chest multiple times, probably for the same reason as its outside neighbor - who goes into the Lightning Vein Mine if they can help it? Especially all the way through to the back.

Central temple, facing the Shado-Pan Assault cave

I'm always surprised when this chest is up, considering how open and exposed it is and how many players travel right past it, running from the Shado-Pan Assault cave to elsewhere on the Isle. I've gotten this one or shared it with guildies numerous times.

Central temple, facing the Alliance area

As above, only around the side.

In a tree between the Shado-Pan den & Court of Bones

Easily missed, and easy to check on.

Ihgaluk Crag cul-de-sac

It blows my mind that this chest is ever up, since it's in such a heavily-populated area and is absolutely out in the open...but I've found it a few times now. I'm always paranoid about killing those two nearby Saurok first, in case I go to open the chest and they aggro/attack me, making the chest despawn without actually receiving the loot.

Ihgaluk Crag, random caves

Ihgaluk Crag is by far my favorite place to look for chests, since you can just leap and bounce around freely without worrying about aggroing anything. Also, it's fun. The caves, which serve no real questing purpose, can be a nice place to look for chests since not many people actually venture inside.

Western Zandalari dino pit area

This chest isn't great. It's in a heavily congested area where you'll likely aggro a bunch of raptors and/or trolls, and this particular tent is guarded by a mean Dinomancer AND Loa-Infused Bloodhorn. (It's the one used for the Direhorn in a China Shop achievement, actually.) However, the chest is well-hidden and it'll probably be there, if you've tried your other favorite spots and had no luck.

Just watch out for respawns!

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    Awesome post thanks for compiling

    April 29, 2013 at 2:51 AM

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    Any time I've specifically wanted to find a chest I've gone into the mines... to this point (done it maybe half a dozen times across toons) I've always found one in there somewhere. 2 of them were at the back just inside the door, where you mentioned it, 3 were on the lower portion beside where the middle generator thing is, 1 was up top near the top generator (I think). I've found a few others here and there but the mine is always where I start and so far I haven't had to look further. My next stop will be your 100% spot since it's in the area, though... might actually start there from now on. :)

    April 29, 2013 at 10:24 AM

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    Thanks Rades! I still can't find these things and I don't know if this will help.. but one can only hope!

    April 30, 2013 at 5:22 AM