Minipost: Trove of the Thunder King #1

I really love the concept of the Trove of the Thunder King solo scenario. In fact, I almost like the idea & the scenario itself more than the actual rewards. Really, it's just gold, Elder Charms I don't need, and rep things I also don't need. I mean sure, they're nice, but I'd honestly give those up just to be able to run this thing repeatedly and perfect my route.

Anyway, I took a video of my first one, partially to record the results and also to examine/help plan out future runs. I decided to stick completely to the first room + the hallway leading to room #2.

It's definitely not the most efficient run - there was some learning going on as I ran around, obviously - but maybe you'll see nooks or crannies that you didn't know existed! Next time I'll definitely try to do a little less exploring/backtracking. Also, use Pally bubble / Hand of Freedom more to just ignore the Lightning trap's effects.

The biggest thing I learned from this run? You can leap on unopened chests to reach higher ledges, and TRY NOT TO BACKTRACK SO MUCH.

Total haul: 31 small chests, 2 big chests, 1 gold chest.
(no extra keys found - you get to open one gold chest at the end no matter what.)

The # of chests is the important thing, since what you get is all random anyway.

Overall, I ended up with:
288 gold
11x Mote of Harmony
10x Tattered Historical Parchments
8x Elder Charm of Good Fortune
1x Shado-Pan Assault Insignia

I found two more keys this week, but I haven't gone in for a second run yet! I'm almost capped on Elder Charms and I feel like getting more would just be wasting them...but at this point, I might just say screw it and not even worry about them, since Fabulor really doesn't need anything that they can be used on.

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    Nice video, I think I learned a couple new tricks. I was fooled by my first successful run which scored me many coins, over 300 gold, 14 parchments and lots of extra keys. When I walked in all cocky the second week, I ended up getting 69 gold, 1 parchment, a few coins and ZERO keys. As the subsequent run awarded me no key for the treasure troves in Taoshi's room, I felt like an idiot. :o

    March 18, 2013 at 5:38 AM

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    Use your Elder Charms to buy stuff the KT sells for runs! Levitation potions, sleeping powder, etc.

    March 18, 2013 at 7:17 AM